Types of Interviews

Before knowing the types of interviews we should know the definition of interview. The interview is a conversation between two people where one person will ask questions and the other person will answer. 

There are 6 types of interview

1. Telephonic interview

In a telephonic interview, the person will call you by informing you prior about the timings, and the interview can last for about 10-15 minutes. He/ she will ask some basic questions and will explain the purpose of the job if they find you interesting. A telephonic interview is easy as it is like an open book test. During the telephonic interviews be aware of the basic questions and if you want you can write them on a piece of paper beforehand.

2. Informational interview

This interview is about learning more about a particular job or employer. This will help you to network and can add it to your contacts. If you gain more about this information you are ready for the interview to perform well.

3. Individual interview

This is the most common interview as it is held in the office. In this interview, the person will ask questions straight to your face and you are expected to answer them in a bold, calm, and crisp manner. Make sure you give genuine answers. And your body language will play an important role in this interview. This interview can range from 20-30 minutes. If the interview goes short try to deliver precise answers. On the other hand, if it goes fast you can answer many questions. 

4. Group or Committee interview

This interview involves a group of panel members and they will ask questions one by one. This type of interview generally happens in college. This means each person will have a perspective and will find you to answer in different ways. Make sure you make strong eye contact and face them with a bold attitude. These interviews seem difficult but practicing it will help you to succeed. 

5. Second interview

Some interview committee members will sometimes conduct a second round of interviews to select candidates. Once you complete your first round of interviews successfully you will get shortlisted for this second round of interviews. Your second round of interviews may be longer as it is the last process of selecting you and make sure you answer them in a polite manner.  

6. Behavioural interview

This kind of interview will happen for the investigation department. Make sure you have prior experience and a strong resume so that your application will outstand and you will get selected for the interview. Be bold and answer the questions they ask as it will reflect your previous work experiences and how well you are prepared.

Trying to ace an interview and getting selected is not an easy task. You should have a good resume, past working experiences, and good communication skills. Practicing will make you successful. Don’t overestimate or underestimate your talent and skills. You are born with success. Love yourself and participate well and pass out with flying colors.