What to do when you feel like giving up?

There are often times where we will feel that everything has come to end and we will get ready to give up. But, have you ever thought that you have come across this far and there are very few steps needed to complete the work. We should often think about the reason why we started? It will give the answer to us. It will push us forward in achieving our goals.

We can start by reading motivational books. They will give you some idea of what needs to be done and some strategies to be followed by you. It will motivate you. You can find some of the top 10 best motivating books for beginners on google. It will provide you with lots of options. You can check on reviews and but the one that attracted you. 

Start by reading gradually. Don’t push yourself too fast. Remember these are motivational books, not any romantic novels which will keep you engaged right from the beginning till the end. It will take some time to understand the depth of the things mentioned in them. And making them enter your brain will take some time. So, start gradually and you will find some amazing change in yourself at the end. 

If you have read books or not interested in them you can listen to Ted Talks. Ted Talks are the best when it comes to motivation. There are many people who will give inspirational speeches on how they struggled and what are things they did to achieve this position. You can simply search on Youtube and start listening to them. And this too listen to one ted talk at a time. Don’t push yourself too hard. 

Ted talks are given by many speakers across the world. We can even learn how they are doing this public speaking. How they overcame their fear of public speaking or holding a mike in their hand? And most importantly, how they handled criticism? Because of this thing many people fail to follow. Criticism will help us to give the thirst and quench needed to achieve our target. It will never fail us. But, we should never take criticism to our heart and don’t take success to our brain. These two things will help you to achieve the most important things in life. We should often remember that we shouldn’t spend too much time celebrating success. It will become a headweight. 

Don’t be jealous of others’ achievements. Have you ever thought about the sacrifices they made to get into this position? They could’ve faced many struggles and hurdles to reach that position. Don’t be too hard on yourself. Never lose your friends just because your friend achieved the thing that you couldn’t achieve. Simply believe that something is waiting for you to come at the right time. You just need to believe yourself. If you are good at what you are doing then success is just a few steps away. 

With these things in mind, we should at least give it a try before quitting. We never know if we will get succeed or not without taking a chance.