Importance of Communication Skills

Have you ever wondered why communication skills are so important? Communication is the way of the medium by which two people speak to express their opinions. There are many ways of communicating but sometimes our words could’ve been misinterpreted by them. Many schools, colleges, and even offices give a training session to improve one’s own communication skills.

Communication skills are more important when it comes to business dealings. If you lack the skill to explain or convince the client, there are higher chances that they will leave the meeting or the dealing will be closed. There are two ways of communication

1. One-way communication

2. Two-way communication

We could’ve seen this one-way communication in lecture halls, motivational speeches, and many areas where the speaker will talk for everyone. In this, we will only get the insight and knowledge on what they are speaking and we can’t question them on what they are speaking. 

In two-way communication, we will communicate with another person and the other person will answer our queries. Or we will tell them something. It would be even more engaging. Teachers mostly prefer two-way communication because the class would become interesting only if you ask questions or if they ask questions. Simply listening will make you tired and you will start becoming sleepy. 

If you have poor communication skills it will lead to confusion and frustration. The other person will get frustrated and may walk away from that place. We can improve our communication skills by giving attention to details around us. If we watch a good show try to pay attention to their eye- contact, body language, conscience, respect, and audacity. You will get some ideas on how they are waiting for the other person to speak before giving their opinion. It will give you a clear understanding of how communication works. 

You should speak with respect. That is the most important thing in communication. If you don’t give respect to the other person then that communication will end in a quarrel or conflict. That will create a bad impression on you. 

You can start practicing your communication skills by reading books. There are many books written on communication skills. If you are a beginner and have not read any books, start by picking books for beginners instead of reading some complicated ones. It will take you more time to understand the concepts. 

Communication skills are not only important in business meetings or work-related things. It is also important in relationships. The main reason why many relationships fail is this communication gap. Your partner will get your ideas in some other way. In the end, they will reflect on their own thoughts. It will gradually create a rift in your relationship. 

If you are a good and extraordinary speaker the company will give you many chances to explore your skills. There is nothing wrong with being an introvert. But, not having communication skills will definitely land you in trouble. It is important that you start learning them and try to improve your communication skills.

Communication skills will play an important role in your interview selection. If you have impeccable communication skills and good talents it will increase your chances of getting hired.