The Best Songs of 2021 So Far

The best melodies of the year so far have come from rookies and veterans the same. They start from one side of the planet to the other: South Africa, Puerto Rico, Los Angeles. One is intended to be pretty much as short as could be expected; another stretches on for almost eight minutes. From Arooj Aftab’s joyful and wrapping “Mohabbat” to a melody that could fill in as Lana Del Rey’s statement of purpose, here are the tracks we will have on rehash for quite a long time to come.

“Up”, Cardi B

There’s not a lot on “Up” that we haven’t heard from Cardi B previously, and that totally doesn’t make any difference. The no. 1 single—Cardi’s fifth such diagram clincher—plays to every last bit of her qualities: tongue-contorting similar sounding word usage; a brief beat that will wreck your subwoofer; shamelessly lustful symbolism bound to soundtrack innumerable TikTok recordings of smoldering mothers. (The melody has been sent in more than 3 million TikTok recordings as of now—and furthermore brought about quite possibly the most superb image difficulties this year.) “Large pack bussin’ out the Bentley Bentayga/Man, Balenciaga Bardi back and this load of bitches f-cked,” Cardi barks. Simply one more day at the workplace for hip-bounce’s top provocateur. — Andrew R. Chow.

“Good 4 U”, Olivia Rodrigo

Olivia Rodrigo began her rising to fame tenderly, with the nostalgic heart-pull of “Drivers License” and the pungent bitterness of “History repeating itself.” But “Great 4 U,” the third delivery off of the existing apart from everything else Disney entertainer’s presentation collection Sour, shows that she’s no saccharine pop princess. Ladylike displeasure has an unpredictable spot in music; frantic ladies aren’t constantly offered space to communicate the expansiveness of their feelings. Fortunately, Rodrigo isn’t stressed over that. With pop-punk power, she sing-talks her direction through a tune that is proudly severe and angry, with a guitar-driven theme that simply requests a soothing singalong. It may not be the tune that pushes her vocation higher than ever—she’s as of now got “Drivers License” for that—however, it may very well be the one to which an age goes to vent some dissatisfaction. — Raisa Bruner.

“Mohabbat”, Arooj Aftab

The Pakistan-conceived, Brooklyn-based author has acquired basic praise for her scrutinizing collection Vulture Prince, which pulls from melodic practices from across the world. The undertaking’s champion is “Mohabbat,” which was adjusted from a nineteenth-century Urdu tune sonnet while additionally flawlessly using vocal jazz methods and a delicate guitar drone suggestive of Led Zeppelin’s “Going to California.” Despite the tune’s 7:42 runtime, nary an expression feels over the top or unnecessary; Aftab’s trembling vocals make and resolve a tightrope strain, offering a euphoric and encompassing break from the year’s tumult. — A.R.C.

“Montero (Call Me By Your Name)”, Lil Nas X

The solitary issue with Lil Nas X’s most recent contribution to the graph divine beings? It’s basically excessively short. “Montero” is determined and unyielding, a far-fetched hand-applaud beat, licks of Spanish guitar, and a repeating murmured tune flicking at both flamenco and Gregorian serenades. That is purposeful; in its contention teasing music video, Lil Nas X uses strict iconography to follow a background marked by LGBTQ abuse. In any case, “Montero,” simply as a melody, is an irresistible festival of want: “Call me when you need, call me when you need, call me out by your name, I’ll be coming.” It’s an incredible, freed message from a youthful star who rose to stratospheric statures with “Old Town Road,” and is currently deciding to demonstrate he has considerably more to say as a craftsman. — R.B.

“Pin Pin”, Myke Towers

Like the megahits “Hips Don’t Lie” and “I Like It” before it, “Pin” vigorously depends on an immaculate example from the salsa containers. This time, it’s Tommy Olivencia y Su Orquesta’s cheerful “Periquito Pin.” Towers give a lot of space for the example to inhale—in any event, yelling out Olivencia in the subsequent section—while deftly adding his luxurious blast bap rap rhythms. The tune—just as the general collection Lyke Myke—offers undeniable confirmation concerning why Towers is one of the quickest rising stars to emerge from Puerto Rico and Latin America on the loose. — A.R.C.

“Not All Who Wander Are Lost” Lana Del Rey

At the point when she made her standard introduction in 2011 with “Computer games,” Lana Del Rey set forward an unmistakable craftsman persona: the lost princess of West Coast Americana, a longshot character following the breeze starting with one low-lease town then onto the next, one dangerous man to another. More than six collections, she has not veered a long way from this course, even as she’s tried different things with pop components and idyllic suggestions. “Not All Who Wander Are Lost,” a mid-collection track of her most recent contribution Chemtrails Over the Country Club, could fill in as a sort of statement of purpose of her unique imaginative undertaking. “I’ve been wearing similar damn garments for three damn days/Lincoln, Nebraska has me in a murkiness/The thing about men like you is you have a ton to say, yet will you stay?” It’s a prosecution and a romanticization of the existence of hunger for new experiences she has encapsulated in her verses throughout the long term; it’s likewise, with the celestial falsetto tune, a request to be left to do what she prefers. — R.B.

“Ke Star Remix” Focalistic, Davido, Vigro Deep

Amapiano, a South African house subgenre that regularly weds seizing basslines with fragile piano or synth lines, has detonated in fame throughout the most recent couple of years. On this tune, two South African stars who have been turbocharging dancefloors across their country—the DJ and maker Virgo Deep and the rapper Focalistic—are joined by Nigerian Afrobeats lord Davido for a ranting intercontinental crush. One YouTube client summarized it very well in the video’s remarks segment: “I’m turning into a cycle self-centered with this tune with rehashed plays, basically to hear the Surrounds frameworks inside my vehicle respond. It is frantic.” — A.R.C.


Fashion is a way of expressing ourselves. It is very popular and in the style of clothing, footwear, makeup, hairstyle, and accessories. Having current fashion trends in our wardrobe will make us outstanding in a particular place. It doesn’t matter who we are and what we do but expressing ourselves in better clothing is important. Dressing normally will make your life boring trying the current fashion trends will help you to explore yourself and you will be amazed by the results.

Scope in Fashion

Many fashion influencers are emerging nowadays and starting a career in fashion will help you to be financially stable. There are many fashion institutes in India. National Institute of Fashion Technology ranks the first among them. It has many branches in India. 

The best female fashion designers of the 20th century are

1. Jeanne Lanvin (1867-1946)

2. Jeanne Paquin (1869–1936)

3. Coco Chanel (1883-1971)

4. Elsa Schiaparelli (1890-1973)

5. Claire McCardell (1905-1958)

6. Dame Barbara Mary Quant (1934)

7. Dame Vivienne Isabel Westwood (1941)

8. Rei Kawakubo (1942)

These people ruled the 20th century with their fashion trends and emerged as the top 10 fashion designers in the world. 

Need for Fashion

Dressing up will give you the kind of confidence, boldness, and audacity. Following the latest fashion trends on the internet has become most popular nowadays. Fashion trends are everywhere and you are supposed to decide the right ones for yourselves. There are different types of fashion culture and it ranges from country to country. Fashion is important because it helps us to follow history and if we look back at the trends used 10 years back you will get a better outlook on how it changed from 10 years back.

Clothing is an important aspect of human life. Many hot brands emerge nowadays. Even online shopping sites like Myntra and Flipkart have become fashion icons. It helps you to find the latest fashion trends when you browse. 

Fashion trends in the 1980s, 1990s, 2000, 2010, and 2020

In the 1980s

The clothes included in the 1980s for women were high-waisted jeans, leg warmers, ripped denim, spandex and lycra, acid-washed jeans, statement shoulder business suits, punk leather items, and leotards.

Talking about accessories it included scrunchies, leg warmers, fingerless gloves, plastic bangles, large funky earrings in neon shades, and pearl bracelets.

In the 1990s

Speaking about the 1990s trends it included glamour wear, miniskirts, knee socks associated with the schoolgirl look, tight pants, slip dresses, turtle neck sweaters, capri pants, high-waisted trousers, and cardigans.

Choker necklaces were the coolest during those times. Thick hair bands, Tic-Tac hair clips, and Retro sunshades were also used.

In the 2000s

These things were so trending in the 2000s. They are Tracksuits, Scarf headbands. Taylor Swift’s side bun became more famous during these times. Her hairdo on many red carpets was inspired in awe. 

Denim became so popular like denim jackets, embroidered denim, denim vest. Most people wore embroidered shorts. Denim dungarees became so famous. You could’ve even seen it in movies if you are a 2k kid.

Speaking about the accessories locket chains, and casual high-heeled shoes were trending at that time. 

In the 2010s 

These were the time’s leggings and skinny jeans became more famous. Skinny-fit jeans are even in trend nowadays. I still remember how cold shoulders came to market. I am a big fan of cold shoulders. Many different kinds of sleeves emerged like bell sleeves, ruffle sleeves, and ankle bell sleeves. I used to have at least one pair of dresses in these different sleeves. Collecting different sleeves is like a hobby to me. 

If you think of accessories loafers and novelty handbags were used by people and they are still in trend.

In the 2020s

Okay, what’s the first thing that comes to your mind when we speak about the 2020s trend. Of course, masks, right? Masks became so trending in 2020. Whenever we go out, we used to carry at least 2-4 masks with us. Some fashionable face masks are also introduced. Like masks with scarves. 

Many brands are providing masks along with their apparel to attract customers. due to lockdown, people faced severe losses. So, they are coping with their losses by introducing new marketing strategies in their business. 

Top 10 fashion designers in India

1. Manish Malhotra

2. Masaba Gupta

3. Tarun Tahiliani

4. Ritu Kumar

5. Sabyasachi Mukherji

6. Rohit Bal

7. Manish Arora

8. Neeta Lulla

9. Ritu Beri

10. Anita Dongre

Why Manish Malhotra is famous?

Manish Malhotra is the fashion icon of India. Manish Malhotra is famous for his works in costume designing and styling in Bollywood, Hollywood, Tamil, and Telugu cinemas. He has worked on more than 500 films. He is been in this industry for 14 years and has achieved many successes and awards for his impeccable and curated craftwork and styling.  

How to keep ourselves updated with the latest fashion trends?

If you are a fashion lover and love to explore trends then these are the things you should keep in mind. With many fashion trends changing day by day keeping an update on them is very important. 

1. Watch fashion shows and read fashion magazines

New York fashion week is perfect to start with. It involves many designers and celebrities and you can get a gist about the latest trends. Vogue is the number one fashion magazine and you can find many latest trends and ideas on how to implement them.

2. Celebrity style

you can keep an eye out for celebrity style. Many YouTube videos will showcase the latest celebrity trends in the industry. 

3. Browse on the internet

Internet is the best solution for everything. You can get the latest updates, style icons, latest designers, and costume updates. 

Fashion icon

It is an ever-changing industry with each day new fashion trends popping up. You can get updates on social media to know the latest fashion icons.

“In difficult times, fashion is outrageous”

– Elsa Schiaparelli

You’re never sexier than when you’re comfortable in your clothes”

– Vera Wang

“The joy of dressing is an art”

– John Galliano

Fashion tips for teens

We all love to dress up. But, dressing up also includes fashion. Teenagers like to follow the latest fashion trends available in the market and they like to try them. 

First of all what is fashion? Fashion is the form of expressing ourselves in front of people. These fashion trends change from time to time. It includes clothing, footwear and accessories. Teenagers love to be in trend. It is our freedom to dress up and explore the latest current trends that suit our taste.

Even though we love to keep the fashion trend in our mind we should be comfortable in dressing up. If we are not comfortable in the outfit that we choose try tp find some other alternatives instead of sticking to it without having a comfort. Don’t worry about the weight if you like what you wear don’t wait for others to give thier opinion. Criticism in fashion and what you are dressing up is not important. Don’t give a damn to these people.

There are lots of jeans available in the market nowadays. Like high-waisted jeans, ripped jeans, mid-waisted jeans, low-waisted jeans and boyfriend jeans. Many girls prefer boyfriend jeans as it is super cool and has lots of hidden pockets to keep your things. Wear colors that suits to your skin. You can choose your outfit based on your shape. There are lots of options available in the internet to find the right outfit for your shape and size. 

Having a good hairstyle with your outfit is a plus. Choose hairstyles that matches your outfit. Try something new and you will be astonished by the results. But as a teens we have budget issues. But doesn’t let us stay away from fashion. There are lots of trends available in the market from Low budget to High budget. 

Once you are dressed up take photos and make a lookbook in your phone to see the changes. It will help you to identify which trend suits you well. If you love fashion designing there are courses available for you to take up and the advantage is you can choose your own fashion trend. 

Nowadays crop tops are trending everywhere. You can pair the crop top with high-waisted jeans if you don’t want to expose your navle. Also, crop tops can also be paired with straight pants. If you are working women and want to change your dressing sense try to pair collared shirt with full sleeve and straight cut cigarette pants. It is one of the killing office looks. Mostly collared outfits will look good for your workplace.

During winter season you can opt for Sweatshirts. They are really cool and will keep you warm and match it with your favorite pair of jeans. Style it according to your taste and don’t forget your hairstyle to match with. 

If you like floral dresses you can match it with denim jackets. Denim jackets are the best to go with floral dresses. It will enhance your look. Especially during winter season denim jackets will keep you warm. Some people don’t like to wear sleeveless dresses but they like floral prints. In that case denim jackets are your saviour.

A pair of cool sunglasses also enriches your looks. When you are traveling have at least 2 pairs of sunglasses in your travel list. Not only it protects you from sun rays but adds a cool look to your outfit.