Importance of Mental Health

Mental health refers to your emotional and psychological well-being. Having good mental means you are leading a good lifestyle. It helps us to realize the individual’s strengths and weaknesses. Mental health should be taken care of us in almost every part of our life. If you think your mental health is affected then visit a psychologist. Visiting a psychologist doesn’t mean you are insane. Just checking things in your early stage will help you more and you can lead a peaceful life.

The main cause of mental health is Depression. There are many reasons for depression. In India, people think that sharing their depression problem with others will lead to a big risk. They fear getting judged by people. So, they never open up to others. It will gradually take a toll on your mental health and will become a big disorder in your life. 

Some people get panic attacks when they read some terrific news or students may get panic attacks before their exams. This can be cured at early stages. But, consulting a psychologist is more important. If you are a working professional and your office provides a separate psychiatrist to treat your problems. Feel free to knock on their cabin. They will treat you like “Don’t judge a book by its cover”. They will listen to your problems patiently and will never jump to conclusions. 

If you are a student and your school/ college has a counseling room. Approach them if you are getting depressed. They will share some life stories with you. It will motivate you to overcome the struggles or problems being faced by you. 

Especially in these covid times, everybody’s mental health is getting affected because of lockdown and quarantine themselves in their homes. In those cases not listening to unwanted news itself will reduce all your stress and depression. Doing breathing exercises are good for mental health and to have a calm peace of mind. Doing breathing exercises once in the morning and evening will reduce your stress level and you will get a good amount of energy to kickstart your day. 

We should raise awareness about mental health and let people know about its impacts. So that we can save many lives. Always trust your instincts. You can take advice from others but having a piece of good advice from your heart will be a good cure for your mental health.

Don’t be ashamed or disheartened to share your depression or anxiety problems with others. Share your problems with the person only if you trust them. It is good to share your problems with strangers too. If you get a chance and the stranger is willing to hear from you give a chance and open up.  

This mental health and depression if not treated for a long time can cause heart problems. If you feel sudden palpitations without even walking or running. Then kindly consult a doctor. There may be many reasons. But the common reasons are anxiety and depression. So treat them soon with a good specialist.