Importance of educating a girl child

In today’s competitive world educating a girl child should be our topmost priority. Girls can handle the tasks well in a calm manner and can come up with well-defined solutions. Educating a girl child will have a huge impact on society and the environment. There are lots of NGOs supporting in educating the girl child. It will help her in the future because women cannot depend on her man all the time. It will be bad for her self-respect. Having a job helps her to speak and make her own decisions in front of her family members.

In India, many girl children are getting married at a young age and working as slaves for their husband and his family. She is overworking, producing children without her consent, and working as a slave to her in-laws.  All these things happened because she is not educated enough to stand on her own and to give her points and decisions for herself. 

There are lots of advantages of educating a girl child. Educated girls come up with better solutions. If they get educated they can lead a healthy lifestyle. They are now looked at with dignity, honor, and self-respect in our society.  Now many governments and non-government organizations are providing funds for educating the girl child. Educated women are so bold and they won’t afraid to speak their views in front of others. 

Nowadays, there are separate internships for women. When women are applying for an internship in Internshala they can apply filters for Internships for women. It is an added advantage for women to find the right position and job. Girls play multiple roles in our life. Educating them increases the chances of helping our society. 

The main view of Indian parents is once a girl child is born they should be raised and once they reach their minimum age they should be married and sent off to another house where they have to take care of that family. This view should be changed because girls should also be considered as legal heirs of the family. Nowadays many boys are disowning their parents and sending them to old-age homes. But girls are taking care of their parents even after getting married. There are many girls in our society who left their marriages to take care of their parents. If parents think girl child will be of no use in future then they are the perfect cowards to our society. 

There is a famous quote that is Once a woman went for a date with men and the men rejected her because she is not gorgeous enough to date with. Later after some time, the girl rejected him for not studied well enough. See education has made her take the right decision and helped her to teach a good lesson to him. 

Many people think women are just produced to cook, take care of household activities. But they too have feelings and have the right to achieve their dreams. Everybody has dreams and we should support them to achieve them, not disown them. We as young generations should change the views of society. Make women achieve their dreams and come up with flying colors. 

If she is educated she can help her husband financially in the future if any need arises. If her husband dies, then she has to take care of that family. She can do this only if she is educated well enough. Otherwise all she is left with is to do some odd jobs.