How to forget that one person from our life?

Life will often throw surprises and turbulence without giving an iota of hint. But, we are the ones who have the ability to control it. We are responsible for letting people enter our life. Have you ever thought that your life was so good before that person?

Of course, we could have at least a million times if we have suffered difficult times. We often think about our past and try to control our emotions. Thinking that he/ she was good it was my fault that they left me. But, why are you explaining yourself? Remember you don’t owe any explanations. You have the privilege to live your life. If he/ she left you then it is for your own good. Keep this one thing in your mind “Everything happens for a reason”. 

There are many reasons, but don’t hurt yourself by explaining them and waiting for them to come. You should keep in mind that you shouldn’t do this because it will break your piece. Don’t think about your past that you good you were as a couple and don’t complain to anyone about them.. Don’t wait for them to come and apologize and thinking that you can again start over your life with them.

Make your mind understand this bitter truth that they are gone and don’t give chance to enter them in your life again. It is not worth it. It will create more problems and destroy your life completely. There’s more to life than thinking about them. Have you ever thought about how you were happy without their presence in your life? Just try to think about that many times and you will definitely get a clear look at yourself. It will help you to start over your life without that person.

Initially, you will find it more difficult to start. But, believe me, time is the biggest medicine. Time heals everything and will give you the much-needed courage and will push you forward. Accepting will help you not only in forgetting a person but also in your future relationships. Because, after some days or months or years another person will enter your life and a fresh relationship will start. You could’ve definitely learnt from your previous relationships. The most important thing you should keep in mind is that you should not compare them with your previous relationships. That will help you a lot more.

Don’t vent your anger on someone. Instead, help someone who is broken like you. So, that you will know that you are not the only one fighting this battle. Any many people are out there. Don’t share everything with someone. There are high chances that you will be judged. Try to write them in an online journal. There are many online journals that come with password protection. It will help you a lot and your heart will become light. 

These things will help you in understanding and remember we can only learn from lessons. So, enjoy your life and move on with present people.