Reasons why Indian startups are failing.

Think big, think fast, think ahead. Ideas are no one’s monopoly.


Layoffs in celebrated startups such as Meesho, Byjus, and Unacademy are one of the most controversial news in coming times. Despite Indian start-up being bagged with $36 billion funds in 2021 and within a year of India’s startup ecosystem, $41.4 billion was invested, and 42 new unicorns emerged.

The foremost probable reason could be the product-market fit. It is a known fact that the labor costs in India are very low. Thus, the grocery store or medical store will deliver it to the doorstep free of cost unlike dunzo who may charge a good amount of rupees, and practically it is not feasible to use it for daily ration goods unless it’s a known company like amazon.

The second one is squandering companies in the sense of taking all of the money from investors like spending on IPL advertisements when the cost is a lot more than the company’s revenue. Prey to regulations could be another reason behind the downfall and those who are too ahead of their time can bring out problems in the resources which are yet not available in the market.


Check out what if the whole world has only one language! Everything will become simple. The world of history, technology, medicine, business, and so on might get affected if it happens.



 Every talented person can get a good job everywhere. Everyone can crack their interview. Everyone can apply for jobs anywhere and have tons of job opportunities. Everyone can deal with the clients effortlessly and can do the projects efficiently. 

Many entrepreneurs can evolve, which creates economic competition between countries. World trade will become easy.


Every child will get an excellent understanding of their studies. Students have vast opportunities to study anywhere. It is easy for the students to discover their talents. Students will be free from academic pressure. The way of education might get changed. Learning new things will become handy for students.


 Anyone can help anyone during the emergency times (like accidents). People will become kind-hearted to help a needy person.

There will be no chance of fraud or scandals. Suicides may become less.

Terrorism might get abolished. Medicine for deadly diseases might get founded earlier. People can easily define between good and evil, which might create a massive impact on future generations.

World map
World map


Men and women can come to a better understanding of each other. No one can use bad words in public. Everyone can express their problem to their government so that the whole world can support them. People can know many events happening in the world. There will be no language division within the country. 


There’s a chance of many events happening and not. Also, some historical monuments have no chance to exist. Maybe some other historical moments would occur. New inventions might get founded during the early days itself. The world would become more technological than now. Some cultures might get destroyed and, some may be in trend even now.

Women Empowerment

What is Women’s Empowerment?

It is the process of empowering women and understanding their points of view. It is simply accepting that women are capable of anything and they have the potential to decide and debate on an issue. Women’s literacy rates are nowadays started increasing. Earlier women were not sent to studies and got married at a young age. Nowadays the view is changing. They are getting the right education and many organization, government schemes are there for women. Even banks are supporting women and giving loans for their further education in studies. 

Amazon provides a big help to achieve women and they are doing their online business through this platform. I would like to share a story which I read a few years back. One woman got married at a young age but she had dreams to study further but due to her family condition she accepted her fate and got married. But her luck came in the form of her husband. He let her pursue her dreams and helped her in joining college. She completed her studies and later started her online business on handbags. Her handbags grew very fast and now she is earning several lakhs in a month. Education, boldness, audacity are important for women. Our society should change its view on educating a girl child and let them study further without getting married.

Not only this apps like Meesho are helping many women to start an online business without any investment. There are lots of success stories on their website. Many women are earning more than 25,000 per month at the comfort of their homes by taking care of their families. We should change this view. Women should only support and not work. This thing should be changed. Men and their families should also help women in succeeding in their life and give them equal rights. 

We can do some things from our side as well. We can sponsor a girl child’s education. This small step will further turn into a giant leap. We should create awareness and campaigns on why women’s empowerment is important. Women’s decisions will never fail. They have a higher capacity than men and can succeed well in their life.

Nowadays many women are leaving their high-paying jobs and joining the army. We should definitely salute these people. They are the real heroes of our life. They should be given equal rights. We should encourage girls who are willing to join the army instead of not letting them pursue their dreams. 

We should not simply celebrate women’s day by sharing women’s day quotes on WhatsApp group. But also take some steps in making them come true. We should give 50% allotment to women on every job that is provided for men. 

Nowadays many women are delivering food, driving auto. They are so brave and taking up this job by knowing its risks. Women are also driving metro trains and many have become successful pilots.

Take a look at Forbes magazine to know the top 10 women entrepreneurs and their success stories. It will give you the much-needed motivation. Nobody could’ve started their business with a good amount of money. They too could’ve suffered in their initial days and that made them achieve their goals.