Advantages of online classes

Nowadays online classes have become a new norm for students due to covid-19. It has some advantages. We can monitor our children’s activity easily from our home. We can train them, help them, talk to them, and understand things that we couldn’t have made if online classes were not there. They can learn things at a fast pace. 

For your higher education if you take up online education it will cost you less compared to remote education. Because in online they are just going to take classes from home. Whereas in remote classes they have to travel and they will be tired at the end of the day. And time will be wasted due to traveling. 

Another amazing thing about online classes is your attendance. Yiu can easily get them at the comfort of your home. All you have to do is just switch on your camera and mark your presence in front of the faculty. You don’t have to travel, dress up perfectly, can take your food on time, and can take a rest when you find the lecture not useful.

You can easily ask your doubts to your mentors. If you are in college or school you will find it difficult to ask doubts. But, here you can easily post your doubts on the chatbox and they will pick your questions and answer you. This couldn’t have been possible in remote classes. Where you can’t even share your opinions in front of everybody you will be nervous to open your mouth. Here you will remain anonymous and people won’t give so much attention to your doubts. 

You can easily track your assignment deadlines and work on them to submit them on time. You can easily do the research on the topics they provided. You have to maintain self-discipline because if you miss the deadline they will scold you. So, be careful and submit them on time. Sometimes, they will conduct an open book test. You can easily find answers and score good marks. 

Home is our comfort place. If we are learning from our home, it will be easier to concentrate more and easily grasp the ideas. We can sit and relax for some time even we can chat with our family members during the break which we can’t expect in offline classes. We may be surrounded by our friends but sometimes we may want to feel the comfort of our home. So, at that time online classes are so useful. 

You can easily learn the technical problems and issues. If you are a computer science you might need your laptop and internet connection to know the problems all the time. Sitting at your home you can easily google them and can get answers in seconds. 

All I am saying is online classes have lots of advantages. But, nothing will come without disadvantages. The above-mentioned things could be liked by someone or could be disliked. It depends on them. But in these difficult situations, online classes are the only solution and they are protecting and helping us to gain skills even though we are in our home.