Signs that you are addicted to your phone

If you can’t go to sleep without checking your phone then you are addicted to it. If you constantly keep on checking your phone it will become a habit. Bad habits won’t take time to grow. It will develop very fast. You can’t sleep without checking and everytime a message you immediately grab your phone. It will affect your brain cells. And you will follow it day by day before going to bed.

First thing you do when you wake up is checking your phone. When you wake up your mine will be calm without any hustles from this world. The moment you check your phone and some terrific message pops up your brain cells will be petrified. and you will think that message for all day long. Sometimes, it will lead to panic attacks. Even if you want to check time you can do it by seeing the wall clock or use a watch. But, don’t use your phone to check timings.

If you are always anxious and can’t think in a calm manner then you should definitely stop using your phone frequently. These can be treated at early stages but if you keep on practising this then it will become like an addiction. Addiction is like a slow poison. It will kill that person gradually. 

Some people frequently use their phone for checking social media messages. You can check them but for getting good updates. In these covid times all we are getting are bad messages and the moment we read them we become terrified. This happened because of us. We are the prime reason for making ourselves and putting in such a vulnerable state. 

For example, if you are attending a family get together and you are gelled with your phone and not speaking with others then it is a major sign of your constant using of phone. Everybody will think you as a phone maniac. And it will create a bad impression. We know we have to live for ourselves and not for others and should not care about the society. But that doesn’t mean that we should never care and keep on doing things we do. Sometimes, it will create a big impact.

You are always distracted. This means whenever a person speak you can’t pay attention and are always sticking to your phone.This is not a good thing. This means you are missing out of your friends group.

This is not a serious issue. Because, nowadays all our works are related to phone. We can easily find how much time we are spending each day on our phone and also the number of minutes or hours spent on each app by installing any of the available apps from playstore. This will help you to find the amount you spent and sometimes it can send you a pop up message. There are also apps available which will kick you out automatically when you exceed the time limit set by you. Sometimes, taking strict actions only will control us. 

So start saving your time by installing any app on your phone to monitor your time and use your time wisely rather than spending hours on social media.