How Many Hours Do Software Engineers Work?

On average Software Engineers work 40+hours per week. If people work for a start-up company, the company will require them to work more to meet the deadlines. Lazy start-ups will require you to work at least 40+hours but the work will drain your energy and it will remain like you are working forever. If people work for more than 50 hours their brain will get tired and their thinking capacity will become less. 

Some people say that software engineers work for 60 to 80 hours but that’s not true. All you need is the skills to do the work. If you enough capacity and the idea then you can finish the work within the stipulated amount of time. Most companies will give you a deadline to finish the work. It’s up to you to decide how many hours you needed to complete that piece of work. 

Nature of the place

It all depends on the kind of environment you work in. It includes government organizations, industries, small start-ups. If you are a young human being and have lots of time in your hands you may work for extra hours and can surprise your boss with your work. If you have a family to take care of you might stick to fixed timelines. Sometimes it all depends on an individual’s capacity.

Some people may work for more hours but the results won’t be much good. On the other hand, people with fewer skills and the ability to complete the tasks, and have the capacity to manage their work and personal life used to work only for a smaller number of hours. But they yield a great amount of profit for their company. Most people have this assumption that those who work for longer hours have the highest salary and those who work for fewer hours have the lowest salary. But that is not true. In the end, the amount of work you finished and the guidelines you met are the important aspects. 

Multinational Companies

Most software engineers work for Multinational companies. Comparing to software engineers in India and other countries, people who work in India used to work like bulls. But, in the other countries, they will strictly spend their weekends for themselves. They will work for the whole week right from Monday to Friday and will spend their weekends without any hurdles or calls. In India we work without considering the days, people been work on their weekends to meet their deadlines. 

Disadvantages of working in a Startup

Software engineers who work for startups always have some fear in their minds. Because if the company faces some loss, they will immediately terminate employees from their companies without giving any prior notice. They could’ve worked for incessant hours but their hard work could’ve dropped by some other people. They will operate with fewer employees and they were expected to work for incessant hours fearing their job might go at stake. We could’ve heard this kind of news many times in our life. 

Levels Of Work

Mostly software developers do coding kind of jobs. There are three levels entry-level, medium-level, higher level. Entry-level coders work very hard as they are new to this field and are expected to meet strict deadlines. So, they work for many hours without caring about their health. Freshers are expected to work for more hours than Medium-level and higher-level coders as they are experienced and have some position in their company. Even if they quit their job and try to join some other company their years of experience will help them. 

According to the recent Stackoverflow survey, 75% of Software Engineers work for 45+hours a week. This is the harsh reality of Software Engineers. This is because some companies could’ve got some new projects and they will expect their employees to work for more hours to meet the deadlines and the complete the project successfully. 

Advantages of working in a government organization

There are some advantages if you work for a government organization. They will provide the correct timings and will tell you the number of hours you have to work in a week. It will help you in certain ways. You can manage your lifestyle, family life, and your mental health.

It is not true that software engineers do 9-5 jobs. Some people love to code in their leisure time, during the night, or whenever their mind is free. They are just going to finish the deadline. Working can be done at any time. Some developed companies even provide work-from-home jobs. This will give the right atmosphere for them as they are at their comfort place. There is no need to travel and their work hours will become less. If they are expected to complete the project within a week. And if they are given the privilege of work from home. They can easily complete it in fewer hours. 

Data provided by Engineering Company

Average Wake up time?7:50
Average work arrival time9:06
How many drinks coffee?65%
How many works at home?10%
How many works out?45%
How much personal time a day?4.5 Hours
When do they go to bed?10:52

Company culture

Sometimes, it depends on the company they work with. Companies like TCS, Bosch will provide you the correct time amount you are needed to work with. But with some companies like Infosys, Cisco you won’t find the right amount of time. They will ask you to work till midnight also. But if working till midnight provides you a good salary then it’s worth it. 

On the other hand, if you are good at what you are doing, then the less amount of time itself will do good. 

Monthly work hours

The official working hours provided by most of the companies are 220 hours per month that is 45 hours per week. If you work as a team your working hours might change. In the best-case scenarios, you might have to work fewer hours or in the worst-case scenarios, you are expected to work for more hours. It all depends on the place you work.