“The September 11, 2001 attacks on the twin towers of the WORLD TRADE CENTER, NEW YORK, the symbol of prowess and of prestige of the most powerful state in the world, came as a rude shock not only to the AMERICANS but also to the people in other parts of the world”. The attacks signalled to the fact that states are no longer impermeable and even a SUPERPOWER like the UNITED STATES OF AMERICA can easily become a victim of attacks launched, not by states, but by invisible actors, the most dangerous being the forces of TERRORISM, which are at work globally.

Since, the 9/11 attacks in 2001, TERRORISM has been a key concern worldwide, with the United States leading a WAR ON TERROR, and with continued attacks around the world by religious extremists. But, the question is WHAT IS THIS TERRORISM? ARE THE TERRORISTS SIMPLY FANATICS TO BE DEFEATED? CAN WE PREVENT THIS TERRORISM?

Well, A common definition of TERRORISM is the systematic use or threatened use of VIOLENCE to intimidate a POPULATIONor GOVERNMENT, for RELIGIOUS, POLITICAL, and IDEOLOGICAL GOALS. TERRORISM is a method which an organized group or party sought to achieve its avowed aims chiefly through the systematic use of VIOLENCE. The central point is that TERRORISM is an act which uses VIOLENCE to achieve its ends and is characterized by certain forms of actions such as ASSASSINATIONS, BOMBINGS, TAKING PEOPLE AS HOSTAGES, and HIJACKING OF PLANES.

The word “TERRORISM” was first coined in the1790s to refer to the terror used during the FRENCH REVOLUTION by the revolutionaries against their opponents. The JACOBIN party of MAXIMILIEN ROBESPIERRE carried out a REIGN OF TERROR involving MASS EXECUTIONS by the guillotine. Although, TERRORISM in this USAGE implied an act of violence by a state against its domestic enemies, since the 20th CENTURY the term has been applied most frequently to violence aimed, either, directly or indirectly, at Governments in an attempt to influence POLICIES or TOPPLE an existing regimes. Most of the countries in the world like AFGHANISTAN, PAKISTAN, INDIA, UNITED STATES, UNITED KINGDOM, BRAZIL, CANADA, EGYPT, FRANCE, GERMANY, INDONESIA, and others suffer from terrorist onslaughts. There are or were many Terrorist organisations like, THE PROVISIONAL IRISH REPUBLICAN ARMY(IRA) of IRELAND, the RED BRIGADES OF ITALY, THE JAPANESE RED ARMY OF JAPAN, and other ARAB TERRORIST GROUPS such as BLACK SEPTEMBER ORGANISATION OF PALESTINE, etc. which are disrupting peace and security of the world. But the new epicenter of terror since 9/11 tragedy is the AL-QAIDA and the names associated with it.

Many Terrorist attacks have happened in INDIA. Like, the PULWAMA ATTACK, 2019 one of the deadliest terror attacks on our brave SECURITY FORCES, in PULWAMA, JAMMU AND KASHMIR, shocked the Nation. In the attack, almost 40 CRPF personnel were killed. URI attack on September 18, 2016, was the worst attack on our Army where we lost some of our 17 JAWANS, ATTACKS being done by the PAKISTAN based Militant group. The 26/11 Mumbai attacks in 2008 is also one of the most horrific attacks in the country’s History. Like this, Several attacks have destroyed PEACE and SECURITY of our country.

But, there have also been some relaxations lately in the country, since THE MODI GOVERNMENT’S DECISION to revoke the autonomous status of JAMMU AND KASHMIR in 2019. It has improved the region’s SECURITY situation. According to the last report of the INDIAN MINISTRY OF HOME AFFAIRS, there was a significant improvement in the security situation in the country due to containment of SEPARATIST AND COMMUNIST TERRORIST ORGANISATIONS. Hence, Of all regions in INDIA, TERRORISM- induced violence and deaths are primarily seen in JAMMU AND KASHMIR.