World Without Plastic

PLASTIC is the great invention by Leo Baekeland in 1905, Which was the first synthetic compound mass-produced at that time. This was then later adopted as the universal alternative to the wood as well as the other natural compounds as it was easy to produce it in large quantities, in a short duration of time.

In the early 1950s, adoption of plastic was in high demand and a total of 6.3 billion tons of plastic was produced since then, from which 9% was recycled, 12% was burned and the remaining was left to decompose by throwing some into oceans, some in landfills, some on land, like this, it is increasing day by day from that year.

Till now we have produced the amount of plastic that weighs around half of the earth’s weight. Due to this the pollution rate has increased in a significant manner by which the marine life has affected a huge amount. Many fishes and other aquatic life have got extinct and it is continued till now.


World Without Plastic would be much different to as it is today, In which the people would use organic instead of synthetic. which will be a boon for marine life and other living beings. The nylon, polyester, may not be existed and there would be a limited variety of clothes be excited due to which there would be many fever fashion item be ever made.

The digital revolution which we are in today would not be in existence, due to which we may be still be living in the early 1800s where there is no plastic in which we can print the PCB’s of the computers, no TV’s, no Phones, Music Systems, and many other things would not be there.

There would not be preserved food as plastic has good qualities to preserve any item for long time, then we could relay on local venders to supply fresh food to all the people, because of this we may have a problem that not every fruit or vegetable could be eaten at any time, and then we could eat these fruits and vegetables seasonally.

So, these are my thoughts on this topic, what do you think what could happen more ?. Please comment.

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