World After 2050

Countries trying to be carbon neutral.

All the existing vehicles will be electric, and most pollution will come to an end. The governments of countries such as all the European countries, Canada, USA, India, China, and other countries will almost become carbon neutral in teams of energy production. The growing energy demand will be fulfilled by renewable source energy such as Tidal energy, Solar energy, wind energy, etc.

Space mining will start by this time, which the resource will be extracted from the meteoroids, which can be used in further research studies and mine metals like gold, iron, copper, etc. This will form a completely new field in the space industry, giving a boost to space travel. By these means, humans can explore more insights into space easily. Mars will play a key role in exploring deeper space. This mining will be done on an asteroid belt situated in front of Mars. This red planet can perform the role of docking station for the raw material collected during mining and then as a transfer medium to transport it back to earth.

Quantum Computer is the fastest computer that humans have ever made. It is so powerful that if a supercomputer takes thousands of years to solve a problem, this monster can solve it in few minutes. This type of computer holds the computational power to simulate the prototype of the universe in just minutes. With this kind of power, the scientists will have the power to invent such bacteria’s which convert synthetic matter into organic matter. And with the combination of Artificial Intelligence Quantum Computer, the humans and I will solve most of their problems in just seconds. Quantum Internet a network where there will be no limits of speeds. All the data will be processed instantly, with no buffering, no lag, no latency. This network will be unhackable as the data sequences will be changing a trillion or quadrillion times per second.

Humanoid Robots will play a key role in changing our lifestyles; they will be replacing today’s IoT devices. These robots will be able to work 24/7 all day without any break, which will increase the production rate of a factory, and as these robots do not take a salary, this will be profitable for companies to implement. They will serve themselves as our everyday friend; they will communicate with us and have the ability to think and give their opinion on a certain topic while making conversation. These robots will help humans to take care of their child and pets.

In the other sectors such as medicine, Nanobots will be the next breakthrough by which humans can destroy lumps, cancer cells, and all other certain diseases as fast as possible. The technology in smart devices will be more advance as smartphones will be extinct, and smartwatches will take action as our smartphones with a very long battery life up to 2-3 months on a single charge. The holographic projection technics will be evolved, which will later replace TV’s, Laptops and Desktops.