Have you ever faced a situation where you wanted to say “no,” but you ended up saying “yes”? Very often, we say yes only to please others, even if we do not want to agree with what we are saying. This is because of a lack of assertiveness. Assertiveness is the ability to speak in a way that is honest and respectable. Some people communicate in a way that is too passive. Other people have a style that is too aggressive. An assertive style is a happy medium between these two.


Assertive is a healthy way of communicating. To be assertive means to give an opinion or say how you feel. You can disagree respectfully and offer your ideas and suggestions. You can say ‘no’ without feeling guilty. People who speak assertively show that they believe in themselves. They are not timid, and they are not too pushy. They are confident. An assertive communication style can help us to do the thing we want to do. Being assertive shows, we respect ourselves and other people too.

How to improve assertive skills?

  1. Don’t let guilt get in the way.
  2. Practice saying no.
  3. Take responsibility for your actions.
  4. Communicate clearly.
  5. Understand and accept that the other person has the right to say no to your request.
  6. Feel free to take a chance.
  7. Be an attentive listener.
  8. Be aware of your own body language-make good eye contact.
  9. Use “I” language rather than “You” -(which can put people on defense).
  10. Avoid manipulation by other people.

    Maroju Sanjana