Astronauts in china’s new space station

China’s space station Tiangong is under construction and china has a major plan to make its functioning complete by 2022. The first crew of 3 astronauts in Shenzhou-12 spaceship were sent to their new space station. It is the first time Chinese have entered their own space station. The spaceship was launched from the Jiuquan launch center in the Gobi desert.

The astronauts successfully docked in the Tianhe module. The Crew will be in the orbit for 3 months. It is the first of the 2 manned mission scheduled for the current year by china. It will be the china’s longest crewed mission till date and the first in 5 years.

Tiangong space station after completion will be one-fifth of the mass of the ISS(International Space Station). It will be smaller than the ISS and its life span is expected to be 10 years. The Station is placed in earth’s low orbit between 340km-450km above the surface. The country has planned about 5 mission for the present year(2021).


China’s progression in space domain:

  • Launch of Zhurong Mars rover successfully on the planet Mars – 6 wheeled Robot was landed and it took picture there.
  • Launch of 1st module of new space station
  • Chang’e 5 mission returned moon samples- rock and soil samples were collected from moon.