Blackmarketing of Medicines

Medicines are one of the most basic requirement for any patient who is suffering from any disease. In the current situation, When the world is suffering from a global pandemic our health sector has been under constant pressure. The pressure of saving multiple lives fighting everyday to continue breathing overcoming all the odds faced by them and their families.

Doctors, Nurses, pharmacist and other hospital staff are the ones who are working extra hours to control the spread of virus. In market, When the world is fighting and standing together against the virus, Some people wants to take advantage from the situation. In the second wave of COVID-19 in India, There were visuals where one injection was sold for 1,00,000 INR despite being the MRP of the injection was very low. Drastic situation faced by the people in India, when nobody was getting a bed in the hospital for their family members on time. Oxygen cylinder were sold for almost five times the original price in some of the areas in India. People used to stand in a queue to fill their cylinders so that their loved ones will not die because of the scarcity of Oxygen.

Despite the warning by government, People had crossed all the limits of humanity. Gaining profit in such difficult situation was the main agenda by black marketers. Stocks of medicines were not available at the pharmacy or local medical stores. It was stocked by people who were doing business and gaining profit by risking the lives of people from their own country. The biggest sin is to take advantage from other’s bad times. It is the time to stand in unity, support other’s with whatever we can and spread the awareness to always wear a mask.

These situations can be faced by any of us. As a country, Our main responsibility is to stop such criminal practices happening in India. Those who are doing it should be punished for risking so much lives at stake for their personal benefit. Government should take some strict actions against them so that it stops immediately. Being a responsible citizen, It is our duty to not let anyone do such offensive and criminal act in front of us.Life is very precious, It becomes very hard for ones who lose their loved ones. We all should pledge support our frontline workers in this challenge.

“Please wear mask if not for you then for your family .”