Water has always been the essential requirement for all lives. Be it humans, animals or plants, water is one of the quintessential commodity for everyone. It is even believed that water is the reason some of the creature were created million years ago. As we all know, human beings are made up of 75% of water.

Now, as the population has grown and civilization has improved multifold, water has also become a business venture where it is sold at the price quoted by the monopoly and poor people are forced to buy because they have no other go. All the water resources have been exploited by the so called MNCs and are used to their advantage to expand their empire. Long queues can be seen and the common water-tap fights are increasing day by day for the procurement of water.

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Recently, a swarm of dead bodies of Covid-19 patients was found in the banks of Ganga river. It was so heartbreaking in two ways. First, it was devastating for the families of the dead to claim and cremate their bodies. Then, the water body has gotten so contaminated that, we don’t know when it can be put to use again. This is very bad because most of North India depend on Ganga and its distributaries for water supply.

Since human found that water may not be the thing that will last forever, he either stock piled it or created a business of it. Even the conflict between Tamil Nadu and Karnataka was because of water, because it originated from Karnataka and Tamil Nadu depends on it.

It is true that world is covered with 71% of water but only 3% of that is fresh water. Even then, 1.2% is readily available, rest is frozen in the form of glaciers, and ice. 3% may seem a lot less, but that is enough for the life to thrive on earth.

So, what can be done to correct? First step would be to remove the discrepancies between the concentration of water from one area to another. There are places where water is available in plenty and there are also places where people have to walk kilometers to get water to even drink. Second, exploitation of water resources should be stopped. The process of procurement of water should be monopolized by the water which can be then later distributed to public equally.

The other important point would be planning of catching the rainwater and reduce wastage as much as possible. To increase rain, trees should be planted more and more. Ultimately, it all does a full circle and comes to the point where every element in environment are depended on each other. Humans should be careful about how the demolish the balance of nature, lest they will be stranded in the end.