International panic day

Begun as sort of a ‘mock’ holiday, this idea was put together with the intention of offering a day to shake off the natural state of panic in the lives of many people today. It is a day to sit back, relax and try to let some of that stress and panic melt away.

Although it might be a ‘fun’ little way to address it, panic is a serious topic. In fact, panic disorder is a mental health issue that may affect up to 2% of the population in certain countries. Women are more likely to succumb to panic than men, and the condition is very treatable, particularly when the person affected is armed with self-care tactics while sticking to a healthful diet.

International Panic Day has been taken on by many countries throughout the world to raise awareness of struggles with mental illness. It is meant to encourage people to slow down, relax and get the help they might need if they are, indeed, struggling with panic. The best measures, however, are preventative!

Celebrate International Panic Day by taking time to intentionally focus on reducing stress and taking some time off!