Dogs your friends forever

Dogs are the most loving, caring and loyal animals to be considered. They are so adorable that you can’t go away without petting them, they are always so playful and full of positivity, joy and naughtiness. They are the most reliable animals humans can keep a pet, there are many benefits of keeping a dog they can guard your house or property they will also save you when someone tries to attack you or harm you and there are many scientific benefits when you keep a dog, a dog can help you overcome any kind of mental trauma whether it is anxiety, depression or any other type of mental pressure. Dogs give so much love to their caretakers or parents that we can’t imagine they don’t even think twice before risking their lives for us. They spread love, joy and positivity wherever they go. Every dog will love you the same way but I don’t understand why people differentiate between dogs that are of a certain breed and have different looks and body size.

Every dog will be as good as other dogs but many people have different choices and interests. Many people have a busy lifestyle and can’t take too much care of their puppy and give them time. Usually, these type of people prefer an easy to maintain dogs and you also need to see what kind of weather you have around your living area because you can’t keep a breed like a Siberian husky in hot weather. After all, that breed is made for cold places and it would be torture for that dog to love in a hot temperature. Due to a lack of knowledge, people keep these dogs in a city that has a hot temperature and keep them indoors in the air conditioning. There are so many breeds of dogs but the most favourite dog of Indian people are Labradors and golden retrievers majority of people have them and also love them because they are some of the best dogs to keep in the family they are cool with kids and don’t have any kind of anger issues, don’t attack anyone unnecessarily, intelligent dogs they learn tricks very quickly and follow commands easily. You don’t have to worry about their grooming and care too much they are very easy to maintain dogs and they are so adorable and playful, labradors are always ready to play with you except when they are eating. Labradors love their food so much and they are always ready for eating. It doesn’t matter what’s the dish they just love eating and have food, there’s no fancy diet for Labrador they can eat usual dog food or homemade food.

American bullies have attracted many people nowadays they look so good and muscular that any dog lover will fall for this breed. It has the most spectacular body, face and muscles. They are an easily trainable and highly adaptive breed if trained well they will not do any kind of harm to anyone until you command them to do so. There are many confusions about this breed in India that they are not good with kids and they are high temperament, all these things can be changed and depends on how you train him and do his upbringing if your dog is socialized from the childhood then he will be nice with kids as well as other people.

Many breeders are playing with the lives of dogs and also destroying the breeds and also risking the lives of dogs. In these breeding centre, they treat female dogs as a breeding machine and when they are not fertile enough to make puppies they abandon them and also don’t perform proper medical tests before the breeding which results in puppies with poor genetics and some puppies are even born with some disabilities, disabled puppies will not sell in the market so they left them to die and don’t even give them food. The same thing is done with male dogs first they are used make puppies and when can’t make puppies for them and need care at their old age they abandon them and get rid of them. Breeders are doing these things because there is a lot of demand for puppies in the market right now and people are paying them money as much as they want. Everyone wants to make money, they are producing puppies in large numbers because they know they can easily sell them off. We can save dogs by adopting a dog from shelter homes and not buying them from a breeder by this we can save two lives and also these dogs will get a new home and family, next time when you want to have a dog,