What is crypto currency ?

Cryptocurrency is the most trending topic nowadays and the industry is also booming very much in this digital era. You must have listened about this everyone has different opinion and conception about it, now the questions arise what is crypto and why it’s so trending cryptocurrency is a digital currency or virtual currency which doesn’t exist in physical form or hard cash and is typically not issued by a government or any central authority. It is based on a blockchain system that works as a public financial transaction database.

The first decentralised cryptocurrency was bitcoin
and it came into existence in 2009, when the bitcoin became popular than many other cryptocurrencies like ethereum, litecoin, stellar and the most heated dogecoin. since cryptocurrency came into existence it’s been facing legality issues and every country has its way of dealing with cryptocurrency. Many countries have allowed their use and trade without any legal issues and while other countries have banned or restricted this kind of activity. Cryptocurrencies face criticism for many reasons which include the usage of crypto in illegal activities like its the main source of money transfer in the dark web and other illegal hacking activities. They are also praised by many for their inflation resistance, transparency and it’s becoming a great mode of investment nowadays. People have not started using it as a currency but buying it for investment which has resulted in the inflation of bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies. The most popular cryptocurrency is bitcoin which was created in January 2009 it was the first cryptocurrency or the first decentralized currency.

Recently, El Salvador became the first country to accept bitcoin as everyday currency in June 2021. In El Salvador, you can buy anything with bitcoins just like normal hard cash. Many countries have banned this mode of transaction and many have restricted its use. Countries like Algeria, Bolivia, Egypt, Iraq, Morocco, Nepal, Pakistan, and the United Arab Emirates have already banned this mode of transaction completely and countries like Bahrain, Bangladesh, China, Colombia, the Dominican Republic, Indonesia, Iran, Kuwait, Lesotho, Lithuania, Macau, Oman, Qatar, Saudi Arabia and Taiwan have allowed this kind of activity with some restrictions on it.

India has not officially announced anything about its legality but till now it’s legal to trade in cryptocurrency, now and then rumours have been spread that India is going to ban it or not but any official authorisation has not given any statement about it. If you are an Indian citizen or living in India so it is completely legal to trade in it but there’s no regulation on crypto till now, which means you are free to invest or trade in cryptocurrency but it is not regulated by any government authority to protect your money.


Basics of men’s Fashion

Fashion can help you portray your personality without saying anything, it also helps in boosting your confidence and make you presentable. If you are wearing your personality people will love to aproach you and have a conversation with you. Many Men don’t actually pay attention to what are they wearing or how are they wearing the clothes. People don’t plan there outfits and categories them on the basis of occasions, people ignore this topic because they think it doesn’t matter but they don’t know how it can help you stand out from the count. Clothes can help you to get better reaction and treatment from people, now no one believes in looks don’t matter or anything. The society is very looks-based. You can level-up your fashion by only making small changes in your old clothes also you don’t have to refresh your wardrobe and waste your money. There’s a myth that you need expensive clothes to look good but that’s not really true you can look good in your budget clothes also. Fashion is not only about your clothes it’s about how you present yourself to the society, you need to improve your overall looks which also includes your footwear, accessories, posture, etiquettes, conversation skills and grooming. For Now we are only gonna talk about clothes.

You need to make small changes to look good in your ordinary clothes, fit is the key you need to know your fit, always buy clothes that fits you really well and it doesn’t mean you need clothes that are very skin fitted they doesn’t look good you need clothes that fits you well and make you feel comfortable in them. Fits are of many types and vary from person to person or body type to body type but the basic idea is they should neither be snugged fitted nor loose on your body.

Choosing the right colours play a major role in making your outfit. They can really level up your style and help you portray your personality, and also creates illusions and makes your body look slim or fat with just putting very little efforts. Your pants or trousers should be in contrast with shirts or t-shirts and shoes. There shouldn’t be alot of colours in your outfit, no doubt you can wear colourful clothes but alot of colours don’t look good on a person . Bright colors draw attention to your body so if you are a fat guy so you should avoid wearing too bright colours. Monochrome outfits are the goto outfits for short guys they doesn’t separate your upper and lower body that creates an illusion which makes you look tall.

You should start putting your clothes in different categories like formal, casuals and ethnic. We should always wear clothes according to the occasion you can’t go wrong with this point because it will not look good if you wear formal clothes on casual occasions and many people don’t know the difference between formal and casual clothes which is very basic to differentiate you can’t wear printed shirts, double pocket shirts, jeans, shorts, and chinos on a formal event.

How To Gain Weight Without Getting Unfit

Usually people gain weight because they are tired of getting mocked and bullied by everyone about their body and they just want to gain weight and transform themselves. When someone talks about gaining weight the first things comes to mind is eat more than normal and that’s right but there are two ways of gaining weight eating healthy food and getting a fit body, the second one is dirty bulking in simple language people start eating a lot food without even thinking about its nutritional values and how harmful it can be for your body, they usually start eating alot of junk food like pizza, burger, patties and sweets which has alot of unhealthy fats and by this way you might gain weight but you will only put on fat and end up being unhealthy you will lose all your strength and stamina this method will make you a lazy person who can’t play any sport or any physical activity.

Right way of gaining weight

First of all check do you actually have to gain weight for checking it weigh yourself ,measure your height and check your BMI which is body mass index by any BMI calculator if you are underweight then you need to gain weight but if you weight is in ideal weight category then you don’t have to gain weight and if you need a better physique you can join a gym and start weight training for making your body big and fit. If, your weight category is in underweight category then you actually need to bulk or gain weight. The first step and the most basic step is start eating in a calorie surplus, now what is a calorie surplus diet? Calorie surplus diet is a type of diet in which you need to eat more calories than your maintenance calories and maintenance calories are the minimum amount of calories your body needs to perform all types of actions in a day without losing or gaining weight. You have eat more calories than your maintenance calories and have to increase your calorie intake by 300 to 500 calories per day.

Start tracking your food, it helps alot to gain weight and know your food intake sometimes we think we are eating more than usual but we are not actually completing our daily calorie intake and end up having the same weight. You track your food by measuring it, take a kitchen weighing scale and weigh everything before eating it then calculate the amount of calories in it by using a calorie calculator app I personally use and prefer My Fitness Pal mobile app it is available on both iOS and Android. Start eating a protien and carbohydrate rich diet it helps in growing body muscles

Start weighing your body, keep a weighing machine in your bathroom and weigh your body after waking up in the morning because at that time your stomach is empty and you will know your actual body weight. Do any sort of physical activity on daily basis, I prefer weight training as it’s the most effective way of growing your body.

Dogs your friends forever

Dogs are the most loving, caring and loyal animals to be considered. They are so adorable that you can’t go away without petting them, they are always so playful and full of positivity, joy and naughtiness. They are the most reliable animals humans can keep a pet, there are many benefits of keeping a dog they can guard your house or property they will also save you when someone tries to attack you or harm you and there are many scientific benefits when you keep a dog, a dog can help you overcome any kind of mental trauma whether it is anxiety, depression or any other type of mental pressure. Dogs give so much love to their caretakers or parents that we can’t imagine they don’t even think twice before risking their lives for us. They spread love, joy and positivity wherever they go. Every dog will love you the same way but I don’t understand why people differentiate between dogs that are of a certain breed and have different looks and body size.

Every dog will be as good as other dogs but many people have different choices and interests. Many people have a busy lifestyle and can’t take too much care of their puppy and give them time. Usually, these type of people prefer an easy to maintain dogs and you also need to see what kind of weather you have around your living area because you can’t keep a breed like a Siberian husky in hot weather. After all, that breed is made for cold places and it would be torture for that dog to love in a hot temperature. Due to a lack of knowledge, people keep these dogs in a city that has a hot temperature and keep them indoors in the air conditioning. There are so many breeds of dogs but the most favourite dog of Indian people are Labradors and golden retrievers majority of people have them and also love them because they are some of the best dogs to keep in the family they are cool with kids and don’t have any kind of anger issues, don’t attack anyone unnecessarily, intelligent dogs they learn tricks very quickly and follow commands easily. You don’t have to worry about their grooming and care too much they are very easy to maintain dogs and they are so adorable and playful, labradors are always ready to play with you except when they are eating. Labradors love their food so much and they are always ready for eating. It doesn’t matter what’s the dish they just love eating and have food, there’s no fancy diet for Labrador they can eat usual dog food or homemade food.

American bullies have attracted many people nowadays they look so good and muscular that any dog lover will fall for this breed. It has the most spectacular body, face and muscles. They are an easily trainable and highly adaptive breed if trained well they will not do any kind of harm to anyone until you command them to do so. There are many confusions about this breed in India that they are not good with kids and they are high temperament, all these things can be changed and depends on how you train him and do his upbringing if your dog is socialized from the childhood then he will be nice with kids as well as other people.

Many breeders are playing with the lives of dogs and also destroying the breeds and also risking the lives of dogs. In these breeding centre, they treat female dogs as a breeding machine and when they are not fertile enough to make puppies they abandon them and also don’t perform proper medical tests before the breeding which results in puppies with poor genetics and some puppies are even born with some disabilities, disabled puppies will not sell in the market so they left them to die and don’t even give them food. The same thing is done with male dogs first they are used make puppies and when can’t make puppies for them and need care at their old age they abandon them and get rid of them. Breeders are doing these things because there is a lot of demand for puppies in the market right now and people are paying them money as much as they want. Everyone wants to make money, they are producing puppies in large numbers because they know they can easily sell them off. We can save dogs by adopting a dog from shelter homes and not buying them from a breeder by this we can save two lives and also these dogs will get a new home and family, next time when you want to have a dog,


How physical activity can transform your life

Physical activity can do wonders for your body as well as your mental health. When you don’t perform any kind of physical activity your body becomes lethargic, cholesterol levels start to increases and your body loses all the stamina your physical health becomes bad. It also leads to many chronic diseases like diabetes and heart-related problems.

Benefits of physical activity.

There are so many health benefits If you perform any kind of physical activity and it applies to everyone people who have different body types and different body as well. It not only helps you in keeping your body fit as well as your mental health like it helps you sleep better, and boosts your overall mood also has a positive impact on depression and anxiety, it not just helps your body to be in a good shape but also allows you to perform basic Lifestyle actions.

Types of physical activity.

There are too many physical activities like running, cycling, skipping, playing sports, strength training, etc. But mainly there are four types of physical activity like aerobic, muscle-strengthening, bone-strengthening, and stretching

Aerobic Activity

Activities in which your bigger muscles are involved or many muscles performing a single activity at a time are called aerobic activity. Running, swimming, walking, bicycling and dancing all comes under the category of aerobic or endurance activities

Muscle-strengthening and bone-strengthening Activity.

Muscle-strengthening activities improve the strength, power, and endurance of your muscles. Doing pushups and situps, lifting weights, climbing stairs, and digging in the garden are examples of muscle-strengthening activities.

With bone-strengthening activities, your feet, legs, or arms support your body’s weight, and your muscles push against your bones. This helps make your bones strong. Running, walking, jumping rope, and lifting weights are examples of bone-strengthening activities.

Muscle-strengthening and bone-strengthening activities also can be aerobic, depending on whether they make your heart and lungs work harder than usual. For example, running is both an aerobic activity and a bone-strengthening activity.


Stretching helps improve your flexibility and your ability to fully move your joints, stretching is really important to do before doing any kind of physical activity and after also for saving yourself from injuries. Various stretches can be done for opening up your joints and muscles and it’s also very time efficient a full-body stretch doesn’t takes longer than 10 minutes.

Mistakes done while doing these activities

There are some mistakes done by beginners and sometimes by intermediates which leads them to not getting the ideal results, getting too much injured while performing these activities and feeling too tired in between the activity. Have seen many people ignore warm-up or just don’t do it correctly. They might don’t know how crucial it is to do a good warm-up, it not only saves you from injury but also increases the blood flow in the muscles which leads to increased body temperature and improves muscle elasticity and increases range of motion which allows you to perform the exercise more freely and correctly that results in improved strength and endurance.

According to my the biggest mistake people do is not having a plan like what they have to do today, we should plan our exercises or activities a day before the actual day. When they don’t have things planned then they can’t focus on the activity fully cause they have their mind indulged in thinking about the next step and because of that they can’t focus on the present step which leads to waste their time and not doing the activity with a dedication that’s why most people cant attain results

Reasons why you can’t put on weight

Diet can play a crucial role in transforming your body whether it is weight gain or weight loss. Diet can help you achieve your goals faster than anything else, many people don’t know the importance of diet and how much important is to pay attention to your diet. There are many types of diet which can be helpful for you to achieve your goals, everyone has different body and their body requirements are also different you just can’t go ahead and follow the diet seen on the internet by so called fitness trainers. I will suggest you to gain some knowledge by yourself because you just can’t relay on someone and eat what they are eating or suggesting, you can’t make the best gains by copying or following someone else’s diet routine, everyone has different number of maintenance calories, different lifestyle, different metabolism and different appetite. If your appetite is not as much as the guy who is suggesting you the diet or you are following the diet of someone else you simply just can’t eat that much of food and if you eat forcefully it can result in bloating and you feel lazy for the whole day. There are different kind of diets which you can follow, all you have to do is just gain some knowledge about these things.

What is maintenance calories?

Maintenance calories is the number of calories required to your body for performing simple and complex actions like muscle movement, energy conversion and cell growth. Maintenance calories is the minimum number of calories you need to maintain your body weight that means you can’t gain weight or lose weight just by eating that much of calories. For gaining weight the basic principles is you need to eat at least 300-500 calories more than your maintenance calories and for losing weight you need to cut-off 500 calories from your maintenance calories. Now many of you might be thinking about how to calculate maintenance calories, it’s really simple click on the link below. It will lead you to a calorie calculater in that you have to enter your present body weight, height and type of physical activity only, then it will show you your maintenance calories.https://www.omnicalculator.com/health/maintenance-calorie

Mistakes done by people when they are gaining weight.

People think they have to eat more for gaining weight and its true but the problems starts when they start eating anything and just start filling their self up, without caring about nutrition and just eating to hit their daily calorie-intake goal. You need to have a balanced diet with a certain amount of carbohydrates, proteins, healthy fats and other micro nutrients. Nobody wants to be fat and get unfit, think how demoralising it would be when you are putting efforts to be healthy but end up getting fat and unhealthy, our goal is to make some serious muscle gains and Improve our strength. We need to have a good amount of protein and carbohydrates in our daily diet because when we do physical activity and our muscles break then it needs proteins and carbohydrates to built it strong and bigger.

Growing hip hop culture in India

What is Hip-Hop?

Hip Hop music/rapping is a type of music that consists of stylized rhythmic music which commonly accompanies rapping, a rhythmic and rhyming speech that is chanted in a certain flow. Every rapper/Artist has his own flow and style of rapping

Born of Hip Hop music.

Rapping was first performed at a “Back to the school jam”, It was organized by DJ Kool Herc at Bronx, New York, USA, on 11 August 1973. DJ Kool Herc was a Jamaican DJ, who credited for originating hip hop music at Back to the School Jam which was held in the Bronx. Hip Hop attained widespread popularity in the 1980s and 1990s .

First rap song of india.

In India, Hip Hop was introduced by Harjeet Singh Sehgal who is commonly known by his stage name Baba Sehgal, his first song was Thanda Thanda Pani which was released in 1992, but he couldn’t make it big. In the 2000s a guy named Roger David who is also known as Bohemia came up with his mainstream rap songs which made him famous in India, he was a Pakistani American living in California he came up with his debut album named ‘Vich Pardesan De’ by this album he attracted many listeners later he released his full-length Punjabi album ‘ Pesa Nasha Pyar’ it gave him fame in India.

Foundation of Desi Hip Hop

Mafia Mundeer was a group of five Indian boys which has many talented people like yo-yo Honey Singh, ikka, Raftaar, Badshah and Lil Golu. They produced many hit songs in the Punjabi rap music industry later two more artists joined the group but then the group didn’t last for a long time. Later artists separated their ways due to some personal grudges, Yo Yo Honey Singh made many hit songs for Bollywood and charged around 70-80 lakhs per song at his peak. Later after that badshah, ikka and raftaar got a lot of fame by their hard work, they came up as an individuals.

The underground rap culture in India.

NAEZY was the first artist to introduce underground rap culture to India, his original name was Naved sheikh. He was so influenced by NAS and Jay-Z that he also made his stage name by their names. This boy from the street of Mumbai came up with his first track in 2014 “Aafat” that track went viral at that Time it gave him a lot of exposure. Another artist from the street of Bombay named Vivian Fernandez popularly known by his stage name divine was getting fame and came up with his track in 2013 named ‘yeh Mera Bombay’ later he got so popular with his single in 2013, that he got signed by Sony music India in 2015 for which he collaborated with Naezy and they both gave a sensational hit song named ‘mere gully mein’ which was also used in the movie gully boy. This movie gave the Indian hip hop scene a boost that was needed for a long time and it also featured many talented artists in the movie like kaam bhaari, shah rule, slow cheetah and many more artists. The movie became a box office hit with 8.4/10 IMDB ratings and also gave many hit rap songs like Apna time ayega, doori and many more. Many people say that it’s divine’s life Story but he denied the fact that it’s his life story .

Misconceptions about weight training in India

Weight training is the best way to get your body in shape and increasing its size, there is a saying that every good thing comes with a price. In India, there are so many myths or misconceptions about weight training that teens shouldn’t do it, it can affect their body growth. People see whey protein and Other supplementation as steroids and people think that a good physique can’t be achieved without injecting something into your body. This topic is one of the most misguided topics in India because people don’t talk or discuss this topic but some people are trying to create awareness about this topic through social media and using the Internet.

There are many fitness influencers, fitness athletes and bodybuilders who trying to share their knowledge and experiences with people all over the internet trying their level best to create awareness about bodybuilding and the fitness industry, they are trying hard to create awareness about steroids and how bad it can be for your body. Many people don’t have patience and want to achieve results in just 1 -2 months but they don’t know it takes year’s to make a good physique naturally many gym trainers give wrong advice to their client. Injecting steroids into your body is harmful neither it gives you a good physique nor makes you a healthy person and it is not advisable for everyone it’s only for some professional bodybuilders who compete in bodybuilding championship and they also take it under the guidance of an experienced doctor. Everyone has a different body that reacts to things differently many people have lost their lives because of taking the wrong dosage it’s never advised to take it without guidance and many bodybuilders are also natural and there are so many campaigns going on for making India drug free. In the long terms, steroids results in many chronic infections and have many side effects on your body as well.

People in India are so misguided that they don’t know the difference between supplements and steroids people think multivitamins and whey protein are also steroids or bad for the body. People need to study and gain some information about this sector, especially in India. whey protein is made out of milk so it is a milk product and it is used for hitting the daily protein goal easily without actually increasing the number of unwanted calories and multivitamins are important for maintaining a balanced diet. Your daily protein requirement can not be completed by only your normal diet so, people take the help of supplementation for making it convenient for them.

There is a real big myth in many countries that weight training affects the growth in height. Many countries have now stopped believing in such things because earlier a study showed it compresses your spine for a really short period and the spine can easily take that kind of compressions and it has to do nothing with your height. Please stop thinking and worrying about your height many studies have also shown that the best age for starting weight training is 14 to 16 years because at this time body can recover the damage at a much faster pace which will result in fast results.

Things you need to survive in 2021

According to the circumstances, Health is the most important thing you need to survive the pandemic. Whether it is mental health or physical health both are equally important for survival, you need to have a fit mindset as well as a fit body to dodge covid-19. There are many ways you can take care of your body and make it strong. Start taking your diet and nutrition seriously because it can save you from many chronic diseases. Many people do exercise and physical activities for being fit but they don’t pay attention to what they are eating and how important it is to have a balanced diet and avoiding food with a lot of sugar, oil and industrially produced trans-fat.

A bad diet can be leading to many chronic diseases and illnesses like heart disease, diabetes, osteoporosis, cancer and obesity among many others scary truth are that obesity is becoming very prevalent in adolescents. Dietary habits that are established in childhood more often than not carry over into adulthood. This is why it’s critical to instil good diet and nutrition practices in today’s youth. Making sure children have the correct amount of nutrients and foods from major food groups is key to preventing obesity. Exercise and physical activity are also really very important for maintaining good health and to be fit. There are many ways like – running, skipping, dancing, cardio and the most effective way is weight training. Weight training doesn’t only helps your body in getting a nice shape but also increases your strength and confidence. Strength training can not only be done in the gym you can also do bodyweight training at your home there are many exercises like pushups, pull-ups, crunches and squats.

Exercise not only results in better physical health and also improves your mental health. Some experiments have shown that exercise also helps in lightening your mood. Regular exercise can have a profoundly positive impact on depression, anxiety, and ADHD. It also relieves stress, improves memory, helps you sleep better, and boosts your overall mood. And you don’t have to be a fitness fanatic to reap the benefits. Research indicates that modest amounts of exercise can make a real difference. No matter your age or fitness level, you can learn to use exercise as a powerful tool to deal with mental health problems, improve your energy and outlook, and get more out of life.

Meditation is the best way to increase your focus and mental health it also helps in calm mind, focussed attention, good concentration power, clarity of thoughts and feelings, balanced emotions in stressful situations, improved communication skills, the birth of new skills and talents, unshakeable inner strength, healing powers, ability to connect to an inner source of energy, relaxation, rejuvenation, and even the ability to attract good luck.

Yoga is a really good stretching movement that helps in increasing your mobility and flexibility, yoga not only helps in improving flexibility but also very good for your overall body like shirshasana can improve your hair quality, Anulom-vilom can improve your focus, bhramhriasana for improved concentration and vriksha asana or tree pose improves body balancing and cures back problems.