Basics of men’s Fashion

Fashion can help you portray your personality without saying anything, it also helps in boosting your confidence and make you presentable. If you are wearing your personality people will love to aproach you and have a conversation with you. Many Men don’t actually pay attention to what are they wearing or how are they wearing the clothes. People don’t plan there outfits and categories them on the basis of occasions, people ignore this topic because they think it doesn’t matter but they don’t know how it can help you stand out from the count. Clothes can help you to get better reaction and treatment from people, now no one believes in looks don’t matter or anything. The society is very looks-based. You can level-up your fashion by only making small changes in your old clothes also you don’t have to refresh your wardrobe and waste your money. There’s a myth that you need expensive clothes to look good but that’s not really true you can look good in your budget clothes also. Fashion is not only about your clothes it’s about how you present yourself to the society, you need to improve your overall looks which also includes your footwear, accessories, posture, etiquettes, conversation skills and grooming. For Now we are only gonna talk about clothes.

You need to make small changes to look good in your ordinary clothes, fit is the key you need to know your fit, always buy clothes that fits you really well and it doesn’t mean you need clothes that are very skin fitted they doesn’t look good you need clothes that fits you well and make you feel comfortable in them. Fits are of many types and vary from person to person or body type to body type but the basic idea is they should neither be snugged fitted nor loose on your body.

Choosing the right colours play a major role in making your outfit. They can really level up your style and help you portray your personality, and also creates illusions and makes your body look slim or fat with just putting very little efforts. Your pants or trousers should be in contrast with shirts or t-shirts and shoes. There shouldn’t be alot of colours in your outfit, no doubt you can wear colourful clothes but alot of colours don’t look good on a person . Bright colors draw attention to your body so if you are a fat guy so you should avoid wearing too bright colours. Monochrome outfits are the goto outfits for short guys they doesn’t separate your upper and lower body that creates an illusion which makes you look tall.

You should start putting your clothes in different categories like formal, casuals and ethnic. We should always wear clothes according to the occasion you can’t go wrong with this point because it will not look good if you wear formal clothes on casual occasions and many people don’t know the difference between formal and casual clothes which is very basic to differentiate you can’t wear printed shirts, double pocket shirts, jeans, shorts, and chinos on a formal event.