A healthy adult requires 7-8 hours of sleep every night.sleep deprivation can harm our body and its functioning.
—>SLEEP ENVIRONMENT- keep your bed clean and hygienic.Adjust the light of your room to have a dim night lamp.
—>SLEEP SCHEDULE – Do not let your sleep schedule get haywire. Practice a similar sleeping time pattern
—> MANAGE WHAT YOU EAT AND DRINK –It is advised to have finished your last meal at least 3 hours before your sleeping time.avoid caffeinated drinks.
—> EXERCISE –Exercising improves sleep quality and also is shown to reduce the time taken by us to fall asleep.
—> CONTROL LEVELS OF STRESS AND WORRY –This can be temporary at times as per our circumstances but long stances of stress and anxiety can cause long-term damage to our sleep quality and sleep duration.try mediation and take deep breaths to relax your mind.