it is important that every human being respects them and uses morals and ethics when they were dealing with them.

Main environmental issues in India :
📌Water pollution: major rivers are polluted by sewage, chemicals, agricultural and industrial waste.
📌Air pollution: Vehicles releasing chemicals and industries releasing chemical fumes in the air are the major causes of air pollution.
📌Deforestation:reduction of trees wilfully or naturally
📌Plastics and other waste:plastic is made up of non-biodegradable material which cannot be broken down into simpler substances. They can stay on earth for more than a thousand years, thus contaminating soil and water bodies.


📌reading articles in screen when we read it through a book or newspapers it will be good. Reading books also refreshes our mind.
📌improve our vocabulary.
📌increases our concentrating capacity.
📌increases our ability to empathize.
📌strengthens our brain.
📌makes us more intelligent.
📌reduces stress.
📌reduces blood pressure, heart rate and lowers psychological stress.
📌improves our memory.

Why diary writing is so important?

It is an intimate affair between you and your diary. You open your pure heart out and talk(write) to your diary.A lot of things go around us and some things make us sick, we want to share it with others but hesitate to do so which in return makes our mental state insane.
Dairy writing helps in this situation. It helps to write our heart out without disclosing it to others.You become creative. You get empowered to write beautiful, emotional, and thoughtful content.While writing down you think about the event in detail, you observe things while writing and slowly you start accepting it.
This brings you close to yourself.


A healthy adult requires 7-8 hours of sleep every night.sleep deprivation can harm our body and its functioning.
—>SLEEP ENVIRONMENT- keep your bed clean and hygienic.Adjust the light of your room to have a dim night lamp.
—>SLEEP SCHEDULE – Do not let your sleep schedule get haywire. Practice a similar sleeping time pattern
—> MANAGE WHAT YOU EAT AND DRINK –It is advised to have finished your last meal at least 3 hours before your sleeping time.avoid caffeinated drinks.
—> EXERCISE –Exercising improves sleep quality and also is shown to reduce the time taken by us to fall asleep.
—> CONTROL LEVELS OF STRESS AND WORRY –This can be temporary at times as per our circumstances but long stances of stress and anxiety can cause long-term damage to our sleep quality and sleep duration.try mediation and take deep breaths to relax your mind.


Staying focused increases your productivity, prioritises your tasks, reduces your stress, and improves the quality of work delivered.It helps in accomplishment of goals.
📌Meditate daily-make your mind relaxed and reduce stress. It helps the ability to concentrate and boost your attention
📌Taking breaks in between work –Try to take a 5 min break between every 30 minutes of work done.
📌Eliminate distractions –whenever you want to remain focused and attentive try to remove these distractions and work in a silent room or space. Keep your cell phones away for that time.
📌Get good sleep –good sleep for the required 7-8 hours is very essential.
📌Keep practicing.
📌Make your to-do list –Ranking your work based on its priority and allotting a time limit for each point in your list can help you be productive and complete your tasks.


📌Almonds are the edible seeds of Prunus dulcis commonly called the Almond tree.
📌species of tree native to Iran
📌Almond is drupe consisting of a hard shell with a seed, which is not a true nut inside rich of vitamin E , magnesium , proteins , fats.
📌used to produce milk, oil, butter, flour or paste. They are also a fantastic source of antioxidants.
📌It also lowers the risk of heart diseases.
📌plays a role in control of blood sugar
📌helps in good digestion.
📌boost bone health in our body as they are rich in calcium, magnesium, etc.


📌increased media advertisements, electronic stimuli and pressures from school society , children are suffering from the negative effects of game play.
📌Playing video games may help relieve stress temporarily
📌Study pressures lead to game playing and continued game playing leads to even more pressures in school, with the rapid growth of technology it is impossible for kids and teenagers to keep up and focus on their studies.
📌physical changes in the brain that can lead to attention and behavior problems.
📌Screen technologies cause high arousal which in turn activates the brain system
📌The world of digital technology in all realms of life isn’t going away but if students don’t learn how to concentrate and shut out distractions, research shows they’ll have much harder time succeeding in almost every area.
📌children are becoming less social with friends and family, lack community involvement due to excessive video game.


📌Technology is basically use of scientific knowledge into daily life.

🎗️advantages of technology
📌easy access of information.
📌better communication
📌innovative minds come up.
📌cost efficiency
📌best learning techniques
📌makes learning a fun.
📌build relations between Student and teacher
📌help to keep a track of diet , body weight , etc.

🎗️ disadvantages of technology
📌psychological and physical issues
📌loss of personal data
📌serious diseases

🎗️types of technology
📌Communication & Information Technology
📌 Medical Technology
📌 Transportation Technology
📌 Energy & Power Technology
📌Agricultural Related Bio-Technologies

There are nine levels of technology availability. Levels 1 through 6 are technology developments that are carried out as part of research projects. From the seventh level and higher, industrial development work begins.


📌Success has different meaning to different people.Success doesn’t mean fame , power , money , status , etc.
📌success means accomplishment of task or achieving aim.
📌For some people , success comes from failure.
📌Successful people don’t give up on their dreams.Even after failing , they even give last shot to it because road to success is combination of failures and hardships.
📌We should not fear anything, but we worry about everything and the day you stop worrying in good times, the paddle will get your behind and as great as things are in life.
📌you will achieve your dreams and it will come true, finally your hard work and persistence pays.

RAGGING— nightmare to the fresher.


📌Ragging means the youthful pranks done on youngsters to tease them.
📌Tricks are used by seniors to provoke juniors .
📌physical and mental torture by the senior students. Instead of extending a hearty welcome, the newcomers are teased and tormented in various ways. Many become sick and mentally broken
📌It makes them smart and train them to face any odd situation boldly in future.
📌In a glance , it is inhuman method of welcoming freshers.


Cyber laws are defined as laws governing the inter relation of networks of computers.
Cyber Crime is not defined in Information Technology Act 2000 nor in the National Cyber Security Policy 2013 nor in any other regulation in India.

The Information Technology Act 2000 (the IT Act) read with the rules and regulations framed thereunder deal with cybersecurity and the cybercrimes associated therewith.

TYPES – Fraud , Malware , Phishing , Spyware , Hacking , etc.

NEED OF LAW-As the time passed by it became more transactional with e-business, e-commerce, e-governance and e-procurement etc. All legal issues related to internet crime are dealt with through cyber laws.

🎗️Why mobile phones are chosen for criminal activity?

  1. Our phones can be used to transfer money
  2. Device’s GPS capabilities make it prone to location data
  3. Some scams are specific to mobile.

🎗️Types of Mobile Based Crimes:-
1.Mobile Banking and Credit card information theft and fraud
2.Personal Information theft.
3.Phishing via mobile phones.
4.OTP based crimes.
5.Duplicate Apps,Malicious Apps
6.Fake messages send for causing harm


📌Listening always requires active and silent participation to create mutual interaction and understanding amongst people.

1)We should surely talk to ourselves and it makes us feel more confident. But there are situations where talking to ourselves jist doesn’t fit at that particular point of time
2)Disagreeing with speaker without listening the speaker effectively is a sign of poor listener.
3)While having interaction , if you keep your mind preoccupied with thoughts of past or future , it is also a sign of poor listener.
4)When you judge the listener at the first sight , your mind hormones give a negative deviation and you always judge a listener.
5)bad listener will often avoid eye contact while listening to the speaker.

1)Do not be judgemental, close minded and disrespectful to the speaker
2)avoid being aggressive in the conversation.
4)make eye-contact and by asking doubts in a conversation
5)Providing feedback


📌Reach out and stay connected 📌Talk to one person about your feelings.
📌Do things that make you feel good
📌Your fatigue will improve if you stick with it.
📌Eat a healthy, depression-fighting diet
📌Get a daily dose of sunlight
📌Challenge negative thinking


📍As per recent updates , CBSE has updated the coding and data science into new curriculum.
📍students interested in coding can opt it as optional subject in class 6th.
📍coding builds a path for the bright future due to increasing opportunities.
📍Although we are heading towards a technology-driven future but giving kids their own time to explore what they want from life should be mandatory.
📍The new education policy looks a bit promising, although it has some loopholes, the success of this new policy depends on how well it is implemented

TOP 10 RICHEST PEOPLE IN WORLD (As per data of Forbes).

📌founder and CEO of Amazon.
📌The person who intellectually grew online streaming platform, computing, etc and ended with net worth of US$187.6 billion.

📌co-founder of many companies like ZIP2 and PayPal with net worth US$172 billion.

📌CEO and chairman of Louis Vuitton with net worth of US$194.6 billion.

📌Co-founder of Microsoft.
📌He with his wife founded their foundation of net worth US$143.8 billion.

📌Founder and share controller of facebook.
📌As per time magazine, he is present in list of top 100 most influential people with net worth US$122.3 billion.

📌CEO and chairman of Beckshire Hathaway and he is also one of the successful investor.
📌He is philanthropist with net worth US$109.7 billion.

📌co-founder,executive chairman, and Chief Technology Officer of Oracle Corporation with net worth US$ 91.7 billion.

📌co-founder of Google. He was the CEO of Google from 1997 till 2001 with net worth US$ 107.9 billion.

📌co-founded Google with Larry Page with net worth US$ 104.3. billion

📌chairman, director, and largest shareholder of Reliance Industries Ltd. with net worth US$ 85.8 billion.


📌For fresher graduates , it is very difficult to attain a good opportunity in this competitive job market.
📌To seek a skillful path in life , many career options are available for the interns .
💥why one should be intern ?
📍To attain real life knowledge experience.
📍To gain experience and increase marketability .
📍To build professional and best possible social network.
📍To build best resume.
📍To learn actually what professionalism actually is.
📍To learn professional learning skills.


📌worldwide phenomenon eating the younger generation minds and disturbing the minds.
📌if once the contact is established , the addiction becomes steady and disconnection seems impossible.
📌The main reason behind the addiction comes and ends upto frustration.
📌drug addiction comes from the parental neglect , frustration , anxiety , etc.
📌there is main need of government to look on this issues.


📌Exams are cancelled due to huge corona outbreak.
📌Honourable Prime Minister declared that the board exams will be cancelled this year keeping the health of students the main priority .
📌if any student disagrees with decision , he/she can appear for the exams once the situation gets fine.
📌Government ended with the perfect decision after many weeks of anxiety.
📌Decision came two days ago of the hearing in supreme court.
📌Decision was taken in favour of students as said by officials.