Staying focused increases your productivity, prioritises your tasks, reduces your stress, and improves the quality of work delivered.It helps in accomplishment of goals.
📌Meditate daily-make your mind relaxed and reduce stress. It helps the ability to concentrate and boost your attention
📌Taking breaks in between work –Try to take a 5 min break between every 30 minutes of work done.
📌Eliminate distractions –whenever you want to remain focused and attentive try to remove these distractions and work in a silent room or space. Keep your cell phones away for that time.
📌Get good sleep –good sleep for the required 7-8 hours is very essential.
📌Keep practicing.
📌Make your to-do list –Ranking your work based on its priority and allotting a time limit for each point in your list can help you be productive and complete your tasks.