How To Gain Weight Without Getting Unfit

Usually people gain weight because they are tired of getting mocked and bullied by everyone about their body and they just want to gain weight and transform themselves. When someone talks about gaining weight the first things comes to mind is eat more than normal and that’s right but there are two ways of gaining weight eating healthy food and getting a fit body, the second one is dirty bulking in simple language people start eating a lot food without even thinking about its nutritional values and how harmful it can be for your body, they usually start eating alot of junk food like pizza, burger, patties and sweets which has alot of unhealthy fats and by this way you might gain weight but you will only put on fat and end up being unhealthy you will lose all your strength and stamina this method will make you a lazy person who can’t play any sport or any physical activity.

Right way of gaining weight

First of all check do you actually have to gain weight for checking it weigh yourself ,measure your height and check your BMI which is body mass index by any BMI calculator if you are underweight then you need to gain weight but if you weight is in ideal weight category then you don’t have to gain weight and if you need a better physique you can join a gym and start weight training for making your body big and fit. If, your weight category is in underweight category then you actually need to bulk or gain weight. The first step and the most basic step is start eating in a calorie surplus, now what is a calorie surplus diet? Calorie surplus diet is a type of diet in which you need to eat more calories than your maintenance calories and maintenance calories are the minimum amount of calories your body needs to perform all types of actions in a day without losing or gaining weight. You have eat more calories than your maintenance calories and have to increase your calorie intake by 300 to 500 calories per day.

Start tracking your food, it helps alot to gain weight and know your food intake sometimes we think we are eating more than usual but we are not actually completing our daily calorie intake and end up having the same weight. You track your food by measuring it, take a kitchen weighing scale and weigh everything before eating it then calculate the amount of calories in it by using a calorie calculator app I personally use and prefer My Fitness Pal mobile app it is available on both iOS and Android. Start eating a protien and carbohydrate rich diet it helps in growing body muscles

Start weighing your body, keep a weighing machine in your bathroom and weigh your body after waking up in the morning because at that time your stomach is empty and you will know your actual body weight. Do any sort of physical activity on daily basis, I prefer weight training as it’s the most effective way of growing your body.