Some effects of social media might not be dangerous but they can definitely prove to be harmful in your life. Some of the harmful effects of social media include:

Unhealthy Sleep Patterns

Not only are the dangerous effects of depression and anxiety are on the rise but also spending too much time on social media has shown effects of poor sleep which can be harmful. Various studies have shown that prolonged use of social media wrecks your sleep quality.

If you think that your sleep patterns have become abnormal and have managed to reduce productivity, decrease the amount of time you browse social media.

Do not let social media algorithms take away your precious sleep. When using your phone in bed at night, you’ll tell yourself that you will spend only five minutes checking your social media notifications, only to understand that an hour later you’re mindlessly scrolling through social media content you don’t even care about.

Now we are surrounded by unnatural lighting all day all night. Research has found that this can hinder the sleep hormone melatonin, which promotes sleep – and blue light, which is emitted by smartphone and laptop screens, is said to be the worst criminal. In other words, if you checking social media at night, you’re directed towards a restless slumber.
Blue light has a part to play and is a link with sleep disturbances.

The bright lights of our devices can delay circadian rhythms. But they couldn’t clarify whether social media causes disturbed sleep, or those who have interrupted sleep spend more time on social media.

One of the worst times to use social media is just before bed

General Addiction

Social media can be the most addictive thing on this planet. It has a compelling draw for many people that drives them to check it all the time without even thinking about it.
Try to remember the last time you went a whole day without checking any social media accounts.
At the end of the day, social media websites want to keep you scrolling for as long as possible so they can show you ads and earn money.
Just because you have been going overboard on social media use does not mean you certainly need to clear out all social networking platforms. However, if you think leaving social media is the best solution for you, it isn’t a wrong idea.

If social media addiction does exist, it would be a classified disorder. Studies conclude that social media addiction is a mental health difficulty that might require professional treatment. They found out that extreme usage was linked to a plethora of problems.

It may make you spend more money

Watch your wallet the next time you’re scrolling through your social media feeds—or, rather, put it under lock and key. According to a survey, 49 percent of millennials reported that social media influenced them to overspend on experiences.


You may want to restrict your time scrolling through images of FOOD because it could lead to overeating. Looking at amazing images of mouthwatering food can makE you feel hungry, even when you’re not.

It may sabotage real-life conversations

We can spend so much time talking to people over social media—with slangs, likes, emoticons, and comments—that we may have a more complicated time engaging in conversation with people in real life. In-person conversations can be more disordered and less straight, however, they can also ultimately be more significant and bonding.


If you’ve ever been talking to a friend who’s pulled their phone out to scroll through Instagram, you might have wondered what social media is doing to relationships.
Even the minor nearness of a phone can hinder our interactions, especially when we’re talking about something meaningful.

Those with a phone are usually less optimistic when recalling their interaction afterward, have less significant conversations, and feel less NEAR to their partner than others who do not use their phone.