Patriarchy and Society

We live in a society which is progressing daily, but still has thousands of loopholes. Situations in cities and rural areas differ, and situations in each and every household comes with a different set of problems. One of them is patriarchy.

Many people’s idea about patriarchy is that it targets women. But what is the exact definition? Patriarchy is essentially a system where women are oppressed by men. It is the differentiation of women, by not treating them as equal to men. As they say, nature created bhed, but humans created bhed-bhav. The worst examples of patriarchy is female feticide and gender-based violence.

Patriarchy is the mindset of people, it is the roots of prejudice strongly built by years of thought processes and influence. Patriarchy is taught in one way or the other in most households. A parent teaches the daughter to do all the household work, to cook and clean. And teaches the son to take responsibility and leadership. Why is it that so many women don’t even know the basics of finance? Don’t even have knowledge about something as basic as a bank account. That is because parents don’t find it important to teach their daughters about financial independence.

Girls are usually advised to take medical field, or take arts. Boys are advised to take engineering field. Isn’t this patriarchy? People assume that since women are more caring and compassionate by nature, doctors would be a good fit for them. Careers have to be decided by the women themselves.

Imagine marrying a man one barely knows for a few months. Having to shift homes, get used to the environment, the food, the work. All of this is expected by the women. Why? Because they are more ‘mature’ and can ‘tolerate’ adverse conditions which men can’t.

Getting to know the gender of the baby, which is illegal in our country. Then using abortion methods to kill the baby if she is a female. Female feticide. That’s how deep-rooted this patriarchy is. The baby doesn’t even get a chance to live. Her mere existence is defined by the norms of society, and her future is decided right from when she is in the womb of the mother.

Girls are weak. They are emotional. Being emotional does not make you weak. Wearing your emotions on your sleeve makes you stronger. These patriarchal norms are strongly engraved in the minds of people, and this overlooks logic and scientific reasoning. People blindly follow these assumptions because that is what they have been taught from the start.

The feminist movement has existed for nearly 150 years, yet, it has failed to shatter the patriarchal norms of society. Women can stand for truth, and can fight for their rights. But ultimately, all the major stronghold positions of society are unfortunately occupied by men. And men are not actively participating in this movement.

We all, as human beings on this planet, should all take a step forward to bring about this change. It’s basic rights, equality for all. There’s no negotiation or room for argument. It’s a simple, logical factor which everyone should be aware about.