Protest in Hungary against the newly passed law

The Hungarian government passed the law which bans dissemination of content in schools that promotes homosexuality and gender change. The law was made amid strong opposition from the Human Rights council and opposition parties. The law wrongly combines pedophilia with LGBT issues, which triggered hundreds of people to gather and protest in the capital to nullify the law.

The law is to fight pedophilia but it has banned LGBT information to school children. Under the amendments that was submitted to the bill, under 18 cannot be shown any content that encourages gender change or homosexuality which also applies to advertisements. The law has also listed a set of organization that can provide sex education in schools.

In Hungary, Gay marriage is not recognized and only heterosexual couples can legally adopt children. The Prime minister Viktor Orban’s government has made this social policy against LGBT people while his election is upcoming in 2022.

If there is restriction on information how will children be able to find about changes occurring in them, it will be more pressure on them and will be a hinder to find out who they are.