The Covid pandemic and its outbreak was observed in India during the December 2019, since then, it’s been around more than 1 years. Covid is basically a communicable disease that spreads through a virus, called as Corona virus. Staring off with few patients, it has now turned into an Epidemic causing death of many people. Covid was supposed to be a disease affecting the physic and the internal organ functioning of the individual, however, it has been affected the overall life of the people in an adverse manner. During these times, many people have suffered badly, either physically, economically, socially, financially, mentally or psychologically. Some people lost their family member/members, others have to give up upon their jobs and businesses, it has been difficult to even fulfil the basic needs and desires.

At the worst, people have started observing symptoms of various mental disorders and psychological imbalances. The confinement within an enclosed area has became a cause of stress, depression, anxiety and tension in the lives of the individuals. The individuals have fallen prey to mental instability due to the feeling of loneliness or stagnation in lives. The demise of near-ones, loss of job and inability to make both the ends meet can be the additional reason for depression and stress among the people. The situation has been wickeder for the people who have already been suffering from such illnesses. As shown by a report, 4 out of 10 adults have reported the symptoms of anxiety or depression in US. Large number of people complain about the initial symptoms of negative mental health; such as sleeplessness, chaotic eating habits, increasing alcoholic consumption and worsening chronic conditions.

New research Seeks to Tackle Impact of COVID-19 on Children and Young  People's Mental Health — Department of Psychiatry

The pandemic has affected people of all the age groups and the symptoms of mental illness are also observed among the teens and young children. Stimuli to the surroundings atmosphere and regular introduction to the natural environment is necessary to ensure proper growth of a child, the pandemic has led to nation wide lockdown and the schools have also been shut down. As a result, the children/students are compelled to stay within their homes, they are unable to enjoy and play in the natural surroundings. They are unable to meet their friends and have a conversation with them. Also, the parents are working from home and while managing the household chores and their jobs, they sometimes miss out upon their child. This has developed a sense of sadness, anxiety and isolation among the children, negative thoughts are clutching and corrupting the young minds.

Also, as a student the schedule and studies have being a mess during the pandemic. The phenomenon of online classes is quite new to maximum of the students; it becomes difficult to adapt to the change. It is a misery for the students, particularly the young children who are completing their initial years of schooling through the online mode. Long screen times, online examinations, assignments, projects, etc. have made the education bulky and monotonous. The students are unable to get their eyes stick to their screens during the lectures, they either distracted or are unable to generate their interest. Even the high secondary and college going students find the online mode of education to be difficulty, primarily because it is completely new and also because they are unable to enjoy the particular environment of the classrooms. Thus, along with their risk to their health, they are also mentally disturbed because of the incompetence to cope up with the new methods.

Therefore, it can be observed that the pandemic has been really harsh for the people of all ages around the world. This has led to the mental and psychological breakdown of the adults and children/students. However, we can observe the situation getting better slowly and gradually, we as a nation are fighting against this virus and many infected persons are recovering are a faster pace. The need is to know the situation, try to stay motivated and help the people around you. These are the tough times but its not permanent; this too shall pass and thus, an individual must maintain their faith in their god and also upon themselves.