Learning a new language

Languages are beautiful existence, its presence has made communication in the world better.  Are you someone who tried watching movies and series in a new language out of curiosity or for fun and then fell in love with that language and started learning it? Learning a new language is interesting, fun and also challenging. It will be so exciting if you are finally able to utter few words of that language you love or able to understand words said from that language. It is really cool if you are able to converse in multiple language.

Acquiring language skill is amazing along with enjoying the process being sincere and consistent is important to learn, giving up on a language because it tough or boring easily is not good, the learning method should be made interesting so that the monotony does not lead to quitting. There are so many resources available on social media for language lovers. Anyone willing to learn could access those sources and benefit out of it.

A person who can speak 2 languages is called as bilingual, who can speak 3 languages is trilingual and if a person can speak in 4 or more languages then that person is a multilingual/polyglot.

Pro’s of language learning:

  • Better communication
  • Helps to connect with people
  • Increases self confidence
  • Better employment opportunity
  • Helps while travelling
  • Motivates to learn another language
  • Helps to Understand that culture.

There are various reason to learn a language some people learn because of travelling to different places from time to time, some because of interest, because of work or situational requirement etc., Learning new languages increases your brain activity and improves decision making skills. Travelling to new place without having language problem will be comforting and helps you to meet and converse with people there easily. All the languages in the world are beautiful and unique it should be cherished and perishing languages must be saved.