Mobile Phone – A Boon or Bane

Science has made the life very comfortable for human being. Civilisation started from the scratch. But today, men have everything within the reach of hands. Inventions of science are wonderful and useful. The invention of mobile phone is an appropriate example.

     The invention of mobile phone has brought about a revolution in the lives of the people of the century. If used properly, it can be a blessing but if misused, it can prove to be a curse.

Mobile phones are a boon because now that the internet can be accessed through cell phones, they have become a great source of information, entertainment and even monetary transactions. Besides being a tool of immediate communication, mobile phones are now a safety tool as well. Thanks to advancement in technology, friends and loved can be tracked down with the help of GPS installed on their phone.

Mobile phones, these days, are a state of the art, all-in-one multipurpose device, which can do multiple tasks at the same time. It can play music, calculate, take pictures and do many other things. One can send and receive messages in a matter of seconds thus, saving paper and cost of transportation.

However, if misused, mobile phones are truly a bane. Using mobile phones for a long time makes the user get addicted to it. Some consider it a major source of distraction especially for students.

Mobile phones also cause many health hazards. Radiation emitted by mobile phones can damage human brain cells and even lead to cancer.

Those listening to music in full volume, with the help of head/earphones are more prone to accidents than other because they are unable to hear the sound of the horn. It can also cause permanent deafness.

Mobile phones, now being equipped with camera, are sometimes used for immoral activities and later promoting them.

Mobile phones have the qualities, which can either make or break one’s life. It is up to each individual how he or she wants to use it.

Should Children Use Mobile Phones or Not?

It depends on how the phones are used. Instead of wasting time playing online games or posting on social media, children must optimise their use of mobile phones by amassing knowledge and enriching their talent. This will make mobile phones a boon for all children.

Academically, children can use mobile phones to:

Expand their knowledge

*Improve their English skills as a majority of language online is in English

*Improve their vocabulary

*Strengthen their mathematical ability

*Understand science concepts

*Improve their creativity

*Download educational apps

*Improve their dexterity and reflexes

If you’re deciding whether you should get your child a smartphone, remember that mobile phones are not all bad. Of course, kids will have fun with them, but they can still be used for educational purposes. Students can use mobile phones to practice their academic lessons and test themselves using online practice learning sites such as LetsPractise.

Making mobile phones a boon or a bane is in our hands. You can make the merits outweigh the demerits. Let us teach children to use mobile phones consciously for the right purpose to upgrade their lives.