Money is at Root of all Disaster

Believe it or not, the world is spinning around money- the supreme power. Money was and is the most important factor governing a man’s actions. All the luxuries and the necessities of life are dependent on money. Without money, pangs of hunger and thirst eat into the every bone of a person. Therefore, money is the means to achieve the goal. The goal is a comfortable life and money is the means to realise it.

However, in reality, money has become the cause of all the disasters in one’s life. It has divided the society between the rich and the poor. This fragmentation of the society has bred jealousy leading to theft and crimes wherein everyone is busy raising their bank balances.

Therefore, we should always try to focus on the fact that money should never become the root cause of our disasters and usage of money should be done in a most wisely and kindly manner as far as possible.

Khushi Agarwal