Akshar – A Unique school in Guwahati

Have you ever heard of a school which collects plastics as fee?

Here it is, Akshar school at Pamohi village in Guwahati, Assam where students pay plastics as fee and to get education in that school. A polythene bag full of plastic waste is the only form of fee the school accepts.

Akshar is a model school which allows children from economically backward family to get quality education. It was founded in the year 2016 by Parmita Sarma and Mazin Muktar. They initially started free education in the village, but they noticed high use of plastics in the surrounding and villagers had the habit of burning plastics to keep themselves warm during winter. Their classroom also used to be filled with those toxic fumes at times because of smoke from burning plastic. Therefore, they introduced this fee structure where students bring 10 – 20 plastic waste per week to school as fees for learning. The students were taught to effectively recycle the plastic waste, the students learnt to make eco – bricks and have already built plant guarder in their school premises.

They follow different format from system that is followed across India. The have conventional subjects as well as vocational subjects. They teach children how to teach. The students of higher class educate the younger students of the school and they also receive a reward currency like in games which allows them to make purchases from school store. The school has created awareness on hazards of plastic and has also changed mindset of student’s family. Their class division is not age but IQ based where children are taught lessons based on IQ level. They have plans to expand Akshar school across India.