Afforestation is an action that alludes to the act of planting trees and plants in a ruined land that needs green cover. The principle objective of this cycle is to make another backwoods on fruitless land. Be that as it may, numerous individuals confound the terms afforestation and reforestation. The term reforestation recommends the replanting of trees in the backwoods that is bit by bit turning out to be deficiency in trees and plants and afforestation, then again, is the way toward fostering an all-new timberland which never existed.


Our planet earth is consistently falling apart because of the insensitive exercises, which has at last exhausted the green cover on the earth. Elements like overpopulation, abuse of normal assets, deforestation and contamination have added to the decrease of timberlands in the world.


Afforestation is the need of an hour as the earth is consistently confronting contamination and abuse. Because of expanding populace, there’s more interest for industrialization and urbanization which has subsequently prompted deforestation. Huge spaces of woods are dissipated to satisfy the always expanding needs of individuals. Henceforth, it is urgent to comprehend the current circumstance of the earth and energize exercises that protect the green cover on the earth.


To battle a dangerous atmospheric deviation, natural irregularity, soil disintegration and contamination, we need to enjoy afforestation and reforestation exercises in order to save our planet from the evil impacts of desertification.

Afforestation advances the economy of the country as woods supply crude material and different things that have extraordinary business use. It likewise forestalls soil disintegration and works with improved maintenance of water. Planting more trees builds the oxygen level noticeable all around and individuals can take in the outside air and along these lines stay sound and there are various different advantages related with afforestation.


Hence, we must promote afforestation as it keeps the environment healthy and also maintains ecological balance. Government and people should make combined efforts to encourage the process of afforestation.