Success is a long journey with many obstacles coming in the path, however, these hindrances are a part of the process. The success comes from continuous learning and the true learner is the one who makes mistakes. No one is perfect, yet near perfection can be achieved through attempting and making mistakes. Individuals’ lives are full of ups and downs and it becomes necessary to respond to these difficulties in a positive and favorable manner that helps the individual to experience and learn something. It is the individual perspective towards a situation that matters the most and bring certain consequences.

Success and failure are two faces of the same coins. There is no final success without the experience of failure. In the process of hustling for the success, an individual has to conquer the hardships. The actually teachings come from the failures, however, the individuals are afraid to fail and give up. The persons who accept the challenges and face the failure are the one who are able to climb the ladder to success. Density also favors them; as it has been said, “God helps the one who are willing to help themselves”. Thus, the individual must have that attitude to write their own fate.

Failures and setbacks are disheartening, but it is a major part of the individual life since childhood. As a child, no individual was able to learn walking without falling or tumbling; we fall, we stand again and run. It is the individual spirit that encourages them keep working hard to achieve the goals and built a life they desired for. Success is an aggregate of hard work, dedication and determination. It is not necessary that every individual action can bear a sweet fruit, sometimes, the results are not correspondingly equal to the efforts. However, it definitely takes the individual a step closer to the goal, failures teach lessons and provide incomparable experience to the individuals.

A determined person will look for the positive aspect in every situation, even if they fail. The failure works as a teacher that highlights the shortcomings in the efforts and helps to improve. One should work upon the things that were lacking in the last attempt and prepare for the next try accordingly. Consistent efforts and improvements can visibly bring great results. A person who learns from his failures and work upon them for betterment, are definitely bound to be successful in their life.

Spirit and optimism are necessary elements for overcoming the failures. The individual should be willing to enjoy and celebrate every moment of the life. The success after a number of failures feels more pleasing and is cherished more. The failures are a sign of trying and learning something new. It has been widely said that a person who never failed has never tried something new.  Therefore, one should believe in making mistakes, learning from them and keep the efforts on.

The history emphasis that all the renowned personalities have been a failure for once in their life, but, the reason for them being successful today is their unbreakable determination and fortitude. People need to accept failure as a part of their lives and should not stay in denial when they encounter disappointment. There is long list of people who faced number of difficulties in their lives and still outshined the world through their constant efforts. Few of these personalities are:

Bill gates, the second richest person on earth, he is a Harvard University dropper. His first business named, Traf-O-Data was a huge failure, but he didn’t give up and founded Microsoft in 1975. Now, Microsoft is the world’s largest PC software company.

Other such personality, Walt Disney, the most famous and loved person in the animation industry once faced huge failure. He was unable to join the United States Army and was compelled to drive an Ambulance. Later, he founded Walt Disney company and mickey mouse, which was a grand success for him and he set-up the Disney brother studies to make many more animations. Further, he founded Disney Land and Disney Park.

Similarly, J.K. Rowling, the author of the famous series of novel Harry potter once lived a life full of poverty and depressed. Her novel was rejected by 12 publications and now the sequel is a one of the most favorite among the people of all age groups. The popularity of the novel can be known from the fact that there was a series of movie produced upon the book and it has such a huge fan following.

Therefore. Success is a journey full of difficulties, and the journey is more joyful as compared to the destination. The individual should have the patience and determination to hustle continuously and enjoy the journey. Success is not a one-day task, it takes a number of bricks to build a castle and similarly, success is a long process that can be achieved through small steps.