They say a friend in need, is a friend indeed. We would have at least one friend in our life like that. We may or not be speaking with them at present, but there would have an unwritten agreement between you that whenever you meet again, things would remain the same between the two of you.

There is not particular phase in which you have to find a friend. There is no rule that you should have found your partner in crime at a particular point of life. For some, it maybe from kindergarten, for some they wouldn’t have found someone until they started working. The time doesn’t matter really, it is the person. This sentence doesn’t only fit for relationships, it fits for friendships too, in fact, more so for friendship.

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It is the unspoken communication that speaks tons between two real friends. The numerous times where we stand for each other, defend each other in the absence of the other. It is a blessing to find someone who understands our craziness, our thought process and not judge us for it. If we find someone like that, no matter the distance and who comes in between, the pure feeling and loyalty for each other is unbreakable.

There are different types of friends, many of us in our life may be our friends, but there would be just a select few, say one or two to whom we turn in the time of need. The one who causes trouble, the noble one, the one who is terrified of everything, the talkative one, the studious one from who we get notes, the one who keeps everyone together and many more. Every friend group would be made of at least a few of those above mentioned categories.

It is the trust and loyalty that keeps friends together. There isn’t a perfect friendship per se, each and every one is unique to itself. There may be fights, where we swear to each other we wouldn’t talk to them ever again. But then when we see them again, that laughter from your heart will erupt and you will end up laughing for hours on end. Not only then, even after years, those memories will be etched on your heart, saying “Remember when we….”

It is for that exact reason why we need friends. No matter how loving family we have, there needs to be at least one person where we can show our goofiness and actually enjoy being ourselves. It is for that exact reason, the promise of laughter for years on end, that we need friends. Finding someone like that is difficult, but when you at last find them, your life will be changed forever. Not even fights, ego, distance can separate you from each other.

At the end, every friendship starts with “I thought you were an idiot at first”  and grows to “You’re still an idiot, but I’ve grown to like that about you.”