Guidelines for Other Service Providers (OSPs) Liberalised

Indian Department of Telecommunication further relaxed guide lines on voice-based BPO’s(or Other Service Providers-OSPs) by removing the distinction between domestic firm and international firm. The BPO rules were eased in November 2020 and additional changes were brought in. The decision was taken to make India remain key player in the BPO industry amidst the growing competition globally.

BPO industry of India is $37.5 billion and has potential to grow to $55.5 billion by 2025, Minister RS. Prasad informed

The relaxed rules allow the companies to provide services to domestic and international customer using common domain, but previously a separate set-up for each was mandated. All OSP centers are now allowed to interconnect between them.

Relaxation Announced are:

  • Separation of domestic and international OSPs removed. Common Telecom server will be allowed to provide customers home and worldwide.
  • Interconnectivity between OSP’s are now allowed.
  • No restriction on data interconnectivity between same company or group of company or unrelated company.
  • The location of Electronic Private Automatic Branch Exchange (EPABX) of OSP can be anywhere in the World. EPABX service of Telecom Service Provider can facilitate their EPABX at third-party data centers in India.
  • Agents of OSP located at different or far place can connect with EPABX – Centralized, of OSP and of Customer using any technology including Broadband over Wireline or Wireless.