What does the JOY BANGLA motto help you to remember

During the 2021 West Bengal gathering decisions Didi over and again utilized the motto Joy Bangla. A non-Bengali saw the same old thing about the trademark and thought it’s anything but a territorial motto. That is till I talked with a senior Bengali companion. Joy Bangla was actually the authority motto of Bangladesh’s battle for opportunity during the 1970s. This was authored to underscore the ethnic/phonetic way of life as against the ravaging West Pakistan armed force and government who needed to stifle Bengali culture, language and so forth by compelling Urdu as true language. The Joy Bangla motto represents this viewpoint.

The utilization of this trademark recommends uncannily a similar expectation of featuring Bangla as against the mastery of non-Bengali culture and different powers from Delhi where BJP Rules. Basically put the motto inferred, BJP are outcasts very much like the Pakistan Army was in East Bengal who wish to force their language on the Bengalis and along these lines stifle Bengali language, culture. The word utilized by Didi to depict the BJP is “Bohiragoto”. As per a tweet by political pundit Sandip Ghosh ‘Bohir implies outside, agoto significance coming from.

The story of outcasts being constantly continued draws out this undercover goal. The persistent refrain is we won’t permit control of our territory by pariahs and encroach on our language and culture. This is plainly like what occurred in Bangladesh that is the reason the trademark Jai Sri Ram causes outrage and interruption of political action, despite the fact that Sri Ram is loved in West Bengal.

What the TMC is passing up is a great opportunity that Kolkata is a cosmopolitan city. By ideals of being the capital of British India sooner or later, it pulled in individuals from everywhere India. Bhabanipur is known for its Gujarati and Punjabi Sikh populace. Chinatown is the place where for the most part Chinese live. Jews, Armenians and Anglo-Indians live in Kolkata as well.” Not to fail to remember the Marwaris. An inhabitant Indian however non-occupant Bengali says these networks have gotten more Bengali than him. They have gotten Bengali as the state’s way of life and language has developed on and turned into a natural piece of them.

In this political race networks living for ages have become pariahs in West Bengal. This could unfavorably influence social security in the city. As indicated by this ANI report of March 29 “Didi charges that Bengalis would be driven out of Bengal if BJP wins.” Such explanations could spellbind local people against the rest. Alternately, TMC has not offered expressions of their being outcasts against unlawful Rohingya foreigners who have gotten comfortable in the New Town region or against the illicit Bangladeshi settlers. Maybe, on the grounds that they are Bengali.Over the years illicit penetration from Bangladesh has made three regions to be specific Malda, Murshidabad and West Dinajpur Muslim larger part. Not a word about these pariahs. More about this later.