Adieu for Apple Daily Newspaper in Hongkong

Apple Daily was founded by Jimmy Lai on 20th June 1995. It is a pro-democracy newspaper which openly criticized on Chinese and Hongkong government. It also voiced for rights and freedom of Hongkong people. In August 2020 Chinese National security officers raided the office of Apple Daily in Hongkong as it was alleged for the violation of newly imposed national security. They arrested Jimmy Lai and later several other editors, executives and social activists were also arrested.

On 24 June people of Hongkong people lined up early in front of the newspaper booth to buy the last edition of Apple Daily newspaper as it was forced to end its 26 years of functioning. The journal will not be able to continue as the funds amounting $2.3 million was frozen.

For the final edition, Apple Daily printed 1 million copies up from 80,000 copies. On 23rd June night about 100 people stood before office in rain to show their support. Next day people queued up to buy the final outlet which in front page flashed the image of Apple Daily employee waving to supporters in front of the office. People of Hongkong bid farewell to the famous newspaper with heavy heart.