Quite obviously the title is showing us something beyond our notice. YES, I think these two are different. Antonyms are the words which say the opposite meaning of that particular word. So at the slightest view, there is no difference.

But if we think deeply, in our exams, when we are supposed to write the antonym of singing, toppers will write dancing and will get full marks, obvious though. Now the thing comes to the surface that is dancing is that opposite of singing? Dancing not at all opposes the meaning of singing entirely. Rather we could write anything except singing.

Several examples can be made under this concept. But the thing is, are we getting wrong somewhere? We the antonym of singing, is not, playing? If one thinks deeply, the question can be made. ANTONYMS should be replaced by NEGATION WORDS, so that we can make a clear vision of what we should understand and what not. Our vocabulary is pretty good and important too. But, there is something should be changed. It’s a simple demonstration of the deep thought about opposite words and antonyms.