Labour is sacred, labour is honourable.

  • Thomas Carlyle.

Some people are so proud and consider manual work to be below their dignity. It must be remembered that all work ranks the same. Every person with his/her profession contributes a lot to the nation. To be honest, in behalf of the majority, can be claimed that people like to have some white collar jobs and paid a handsome salary.

At the same time, there are taxi drivers, rickshaw pullers, butchers, cobblers, teachers who do their jobs efficiently to give themselves and the nation too. People of India should understand the dignity of labour and work accordingly. The students at first should understand this concept. They should be learnt this things so that the upcoming generation become morally strong.

When everyone will realise the dignity of labour, self-reliance, strength and independence will be created. In India, manual labour is now a part of the curriculum of the education.