Education is a social process; education is growth; education is not a preparation for life but is life itself. 
                                                                              -John Dewey

Privatisation in education in India is an interesting issue. Critics think that it will make education a luxury commodity and some of them also think that the above is not correct at all.

If you think deeply, then we can realise that if education is privatised the whole system will run on the principles of commerce. So poor people will be deprived of higher education, in this way the poor but meritorious students will not get the place they should achieve and may suffer from anxiety, depression and other mental problems.

Our Indian constitution says that every student has the equal right of education but if education gets privatised poor students will be the example of obligation of our national constitution.

But those who support it, argue that a privatised system will demand quality education and teachers will be compelled to teach seriously so the overall system will improve.

In a conclusion, we must say that it may be right or wrong but to make it perfect and achievable the government should work accordingly and make a strong administration to maintain it for a long time.