The modern era is another name of SCIENCE. Actually we are surrounded by presents of science. The newspaper, with which the day starts of a middle class family, is a product of science to satisfy our hunger of information. The television is also a part of our life which connects two different worlds. The electric light used to lighten rooms or the oven to prepare breakfast is example of presence of science without which we cannot even imagine anything.

Two of the gifts of science which should be mentioned specially are mobile and computer. At a time, it was a part of luxury in human life. But now, it has become a necessity. Mobile has no external wire, hence it can be carried anywhere. It is important in the present life of haste and hurry. The whole world gets contained in the tiny screen of mobile. Same stands for computer. As it has external wire, laptop has been invented t make things easier.

The think which also should be covered that numerous fierce weapons comes under the invention of science. Countries are behaving like rivalry warriors to show their greatness and abusing the SCIENCE. So to conclude, we can say that science is a concept. We just have to change our approach to catch it.