A writer only begins a book, a reader finishes it.

It is indeed true that, when we start reading a book, we find ourselves transformed to another world, where there are things that are purely of our imagination and nothing else. That world is what we perceive to see in the real world, but we can’t. So we relish what is fantasy.

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A good reader devours a book within days, even hours even. But there are also readers who take their time and savor each and every word, sentence, paragraph one by one. It doesn’t really matter how we read it, as long as it satisfies the person concerned, reading is alive and reading wins.

It is the exact reason why books are still around and there are lakhs of readers who are devoted fans of book reading. It is skill even, when we consider that we adapt ourselves to the perception to each and every author, adapt to each of their mindset and understand every book as the writer had wanted us to.

There is a reason why paperback books are still in the market. Else the publishing business would be long wound down among the e-books and Kindles and what not. Many people actually prefer hard copies of their favorite books, because nothing can compare to the fresh scent of a new book. That, and also the fact that we spend almost all our time staring into screens and reading an actual books gives us a break.

So, are you considered as a “Book Worm” only if you read large and mighty books? Never. Do you enjoy reading a good novel? Do you enjoy reading a good story book? Do you enjoy reading newspaper early in the morning? Or Do you enjoy researching on the homework given to you? It doesn’t matter what you read, if you read to improve your knowledge, or to find pleasure and you do it consistently, then voila, you’re officially a member of reading community.

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People shouldn’t be judged for reading a particular genre of books. Though it is good to stray outside of our comfort zones for a while and discover what the world has to offer. You may be surprised with what you might find. You might find someone who shares the same interests as you. Sometimes you might find a writer who puts your thoughts exactly into words.

Reading is a very good habit to enhance our knowledge. From British Classics like Jane Eyre, Plays like Romeo and Juliet, to American classics like The Great Gatsby to the great hits of Nicholas Sparks, or to the novels of Robin Sharma for self-motivation or really philosophical books like The Alchemist. There is nothing really that isn’t a classic. No book is a failure until it reaches the perfect reader. So start your reading, maybe from an article daily from the newspaper and get absorbed into the reading community. Happy reading!!