Diverse Country worth a Population of 1.3 Billion. The Diversity lies in the fact that, According to Census of India of 2001, India has 122 major languages and 1599 other languages. However, figures from other sources vary, primarily due to differences in definition of the terms “language” and “dialect”. The 2001 Census recorded 30 languages which were spoken by more than a million native speakers and 122 which were spoken by more than 10,000 people. Secular nature of the country also shows us the diversity of the country. A Country which incorporates in itself around 6 religions which altogether has different practises. And A Country of this huge stretch from north to south and from east to west needs a tolerant and incorporating governance.
Today, we are living in a world where we are forced to stand for the national anthem at a movie theatre, we are told what we can and cannot eat, what we can and cannot see, and what we can and cannot speak about. Dissent, especially in the university space, is being curbed, and sloganeering and flag raising have become tests for nationalism. We have a 21-year old University student who is subject to severe online hate, abuse, and threats, only because she dared express her views. In any society, at any given point of time, there will always be people holding divergent views. Such views are integral and inevitable in a healthy, functioning democracy. Nowhere has this been better expressed than by the judgment of the Bombay High Court in F.A. Picture International v CBFC, where the Court said:
“History tells us that dissent in all walks of life contributes to the evolution of society. Those who question unquestioned assumptions contribute to the alteration of social norms. Democracy is founded upon respect for their courage. Any attempt by the State to clamp down on the free expression of opinion must hence be frowned upon”
Unfortunately, however, our institutions of learning are under attack today and there is a concerted attempt to destroy any independent thought. Today, sadly, in this country I love, if anyone holds a view that is different from the government’s “acceptable” view, they are immediately dubbed as “anti-national” or “desh-drohi”. This marker of “anti-national” is used to intimidate and browbeat voices of dissent and criticism, and more worryingly, can be used to slap criminal charges of sedition against them.
Present Society has turned into a platform which calls for Freedom of Expression to be provided to them with Immediate effect as It has been around 68 Years of our Constitution to be Implemented and Fundamental rights been inalienable then too Citizens are been booked by law but Violating the Fundamental right of Citizens of freedom of speech and Expression that’s why the Topic has been Given an expression of “Free-Dump” In place of Freedom as this Freedom is being dumped by the Public servants such as Police as well as the Government by arresting students of college for expressing their views for the government policies as well as also lathi charging on girl student for protesting providing for right causes.
Constitution provides for the Citizens this right to express their views without being booked by law but otherwise provides for the same giving people the incentive to express whatever they feel Infront of Government as no Government is perfect and cannot takeaway the fundamental rights of people with the help of other laws.