Is media doing their job seriously ?

In a Democratic country, Media plays an important role in conveying the right information to everyone. News channels are the main source through which they telecast news, facts, truth to their audiences. People trust news anchors and channels and have faith that they will display the correct information. Sometimes, Media display reports that are not checked and verified for the sake of Television Rating Point (TRP). In this competitive world, every channel fight for the No. 1 spot in their country in terms of being the Top news channel. It is the only thing which makes them insensitive and they don’t consider to check the facts before telecasting the news.

In last year 2019, Sushant Singh Rajput’s death or suicide case created a huge controversy among the Indians. There were several news channels who were taking the advantage of such critical situation and giving the judgements on their own. No suspect can become the culprit before judgement comes from respected judges of our country. Many news channels and their anchors spread the false information and was trying to do investigation which was not their job.

The role of media is to maintain the calm, peace and spread the message of unity among the citizens. From very long time, Mass media have become a joke and People are not taking them seriously because of the inappropriate news displayed on their channels. It has become very hard to believe on the news channels as mostly false information and rumors are spreaded over there.

Media is supposed to be transparent and should always be responsible on what is shown on their news channels. The citizens know the difference between right and wrong and they shouldn’t be the judge and pass their judgments on national television. It is their job to display the information from both sides of the case as we cannot judge who is right or wrong. The influence they have on the citizens is huge and they cannot run away from being unbiased and non-judgmental. Their single fault can ruin somebody’s whole life and future.

Being in this profession is a very tough job, it takes courage to display the correct information without misguiding anyone. Some people may like you or some may dislike you. Media should be true to their profession and use their rights and power in a right direction.  Every aspiring journalism student look up to their idols from this background, In order to motivate them they should be more serious about displaying the verified information rather than running after TRP.