Greed Cause Of Unhappiness in Life

Excessive desire to have everything can lead to greed and result in suffering. Every person has some desires to have a better life like good education, money, comfort, respect in society and happy family life. One can avail anything he desires by working in an ethical way, but when anything becomes everything, it becomes greed and causes trouble.

Greed is the uncompromised desire to possess enormous wealth, power, ambition, etc, which brings tension and obvious unhappiness. Our desire is not generally bad but when it is based on selfish motives it becomes greed.

Greedy people are not satisfied with what they have got but instead they want to grab more. They go to any extent to achieve the infinite desire resulting later on to severe frustrations and trauma.

So, we can say that greed leads to dishonesty and dishonesty leads to disaster.

Khushi Agarwal