The Role Of Arts and Culture in Today’s World

In the modern age of globalization and advancement in technology, the establishment of art and culture also has undergone transformation. Every civilization is marked by unique contributions of art and culture, brilliant ideas, magnificent monuments and other distinguished advancement and noteworthy milestones which become the ultimate hallmark of that specific period. Art and Culture is considered as a reflection of the emotions, artistic endeavours, personal struggle, architectural brilliance and the ground breaking events of a modern society.

The modern civilization is experiencing a fusion of varied forms of art and culture. Civilization and culture are deeply connected with each other.

The paintings of ancient time become an evidence of our culture. Civilization evolve with time and this reflects in its modern art and culture. At the same time, art helps to bring about revolution in social ideas and cultural norms of society.

Art and Culture are the true reflections of civilization and at the same time they make us what we are now.

Khushi Agarwal