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Old age is an integral part of human life. It’s the evening of life. It’s an unavoidable, undesirable, unwelcome, and problem-ridden face of life. An old man is full of experiences and even though his experiences are of immense help to the younger generation is taken as an unwanted burden. He caught in a terrible feeling of redundancy. Thinking of old age visions of loneliness, and neglect emerge in the mind. The picture becomes all the more awesome with the failing health and illness. A sense of despair blooms over all his pleasant feelings. An old man for his every work, he needs someone to help. He becomes dependent on others largely due to his physical infirmity. He is filled with a feeling of emotional insecurity. He wants someone to take care of his needs and share his feelings. But in this materialistic society, everybody is short of time. Nobody has enough time for him. Even his children, to whom he dedicates, his life and his earnings do not find time for him. Debilitating body and failing health make things worst. Having rendered service for a lifetime, the body parts appear to have become tired and weak. He becomes highly vulnerable to ailments-minor or major. Diseases both minor and major always follow them and their waking hours are preoccupied with symptoms and fill, diets and therapies. Regular medical aid and assistance become routine at this stage of life. Besides, social security and emotional support are needed. A feeling of loneliness adversely affects their mental health which shows through some physical problems. The problem of loneliness and isolation is the gift of modern society. Society forces an old person to live like an island. Often he faces the loss of his spouse and own friends. In fact, during old age one is faced with multi-dimensional problems. One of the major problems is the financial constraint which is more.


Maroju Sanjana.

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